Saturday, December 24, 2011


Well this is not turning into the Christmas vacation we were quite hoping for! We expected to come back home to our families & friends & be able to visit & just have a great time. Well not quite found out my dad's 1 sister was in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung. She is on medication & they are not sure as to when she will be able to come home, so my dad is feeling stressed.
  Then find out that my grandpa has really bad arthritis which traveled into his brain & is causing an artery to swell so he is  on a new type of medicine they are hoping it works or there is a risk my grandpa will have a stroke from the brain swelling, my mother & her sister take the main care of my grandpa since my grandma is unable to so the next week my mom & Aunt will be taking my grandpa to the Dr's every other day. It's really sad b/c I am very close with my mother's parents & I hate seeing them get old & not being well they used to do so much with us as kids & I was hoping for my boy' to know them they way I knew them breaks my heart!
  Then last night we were having Christmas with my family we always have lots to do Christmas Eve with family dinner so we decided to enjoy last night & enjoy opening presents. ONLY for my husband to get a dreaded phone call that his Grandpa just passed away :( How heartbreaking was this for my mother in-law though he was 95 & not well & he did not suffer thank the lord it is still such a sadness. It feels that our time to visit & be merry & enjoy all our family has been nothing but a dark cloud. Lot's of stress & sadness this holiday season.

So I urge all of you to take a minute & think what is actually important during this time of the year it's not going overboard buying tons & tons of gifts, or getting caught in the madness of things. It truly should be a time to be thankful for your family & to enjoy their company.
   Please hold your loved ones a little closer this Holiday season. And I pray none of you have to go through what my family is dealing with this year! Have A Wonderful Christmas Everyone

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