Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis the Season

Today I woke up with a sinus headache. Bummer. Well, I got up and moving around and got some meds in me and started feeling a bit better. We took the kids down town to Santa's sub station- lol, thats what Riley calls it. 

Here are the kids with Santa. 
Dailee Rae did great until she seen me taking pictures & she wanted her mama! Of course Riley was beside hisself. He couldnt remember what he wanted for Christmas- he froze. 
I proceeded to tell him things he has on his list and he remembered quickly.

We then took a trip to the cow cafe for lunch, and for Ice cream. Ron & Riley had egg nog ice cream. I didnt have any. It was to cold me for to eat ice cream.
Here is a picture of Dailee Rae at cow cafe.

She is full of entertainment. 
Before we went down town we stopped at Union Point Park to pick up Riley. We let him burn some energy by running around.

He really enjoyed that, after spending the whole weekend with Nanna & Papa.

Here is little Miss on December 10th. She was exactly 11.5 months old. Her birthday is quickly approaching, and my heart hurts  I am so sad she will be a year old. 
Shortly after her birthday we then have Mr. Riley who will be turning 5. What happened to my sweet little babies? They are growing WAY to fast. I wish I could stop time, well not exactly time but the way they grow in time. 

We have tons of things coming up over the next few weeks. I am going to get super camera happy and take loads of photos! :) I hope you guys are keeping up with our posts. I myself will have a little something I plan to do for our fans and followers. It will include, and I will have a entry and comment game that will be set up. Not sure of date, but I will have a winner on Jan.1.
I am not going to make this public on our page, or post anything else about it until time comes for the rules, because I want to just see how many of you guys follow and how many of you want to win something special from our family to yours! 

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