Friday, December 9, 2011

Diaper Cake!

Ok so I am making a diaper cake for a benefit! My cousin recently lost her husband he was only in his 30's & they have a 3yr old little girl it is very sad! His liver began to fail he was admitted to ICU & on the 1st of Dec he passed away. I can not imagine what my poor cousin is going through! My one Aunt & Uncle own a restaurant & they wanted to hold a benefit to help raise money for my cousin to pay the insane medical costs. They decided to have baskets made & they will be raffling them off. My Aunt asked if I would mind making a diaper cake or donating some Scentsy since I sell that. A friend of mine & I used to make diaper cakes together then life got crazy so we stopped. Since I have experience making them I gladly said I would do both, how could I not it's for my family & I love my family & I want to help my cousin in anyway I can! So I am putting my Scentsy together, & have begun my diaper cake I decided to do the colors blue & green it could be used for either boy or girl, I guess it's a little geared more towards boy's but hey I'm a mom of 2 boy's soon to be 3 so I got boy on the mind lol! Anyhow I decided to make it jungle themed I love jungle animals come on who doesn't? So I have took some pics of what I have done.... I like to wrap each diaper in colored tissue paper I think it makes it look way nicer then boring old white diapers....

First I use a baby wash to make a sturdy base to wrap diapers around (yes ik this one is used I will be buying a new one tomorrow but I was anxious to start) Each diaper is individually wrapped & rubber banded then I use a larger rubber band to hold the diaper in place together each row has it's own
The rubber bands will be covered by a pretty ribbon I'm thinking like a Giraffe print!
 Next I create another layer on top over the baby wash this helps secure the second layer & I like tiers it looks nicer/classier you can see the rubber bands on each diaper & the big one around the whole row
 Last I create the top tier I love making 3 tier Diaper Cakes :) I stick a diaper in the middle to help it to be more secure & the rest are stabilized buy it!
 Then I begin the decorating process I like to place things around to see what I like &  what I don't I will either add or take  things away depending on what I think.. this one has two Binky's, A Ty beanie baby for the toper, the little giraffe is a squeaky toy & in the back is a teething ring I may add more or I may leave as is sometimes too much looks gaudy! Each tier will be wrapped with a pretty ribbon to cover the rubber bands I may do a jungle for the top & the bottom & plain brown in middle hmm... decisions decisions lol!!

Well I made my decision to do brown with giraffe & I am in Love here is the finished product!!
I hope whom ever wins/purchases this love this as much as I do!! -Candice-

Right Side
Left Side


  1. Beautiful! I do the same process with my diaper cakes but I like to go down the travel isle and get the teeeny baby lotion, baby oil, q-tips, etc and put those on some of my diaper cakes. I think its a neat touch (: I love that you wrap your diapers in tissues paper tho! Never thought of that. But you might wanna include it in your post (didn't see it written just figured it out --others might not). Beautiful job.
    -Brittany Barna

  2. Btw what size diapers did you use? I usually use NB but these look bigger. And does the tissue paper help bulk them out at all??

  3. I'm an idiot! You did write it in your post. I didn't see it cuz I skipped to the 'tutorial' part of the post and bypassed it. Whoops! I just went back and re-read it. Sorry! (:

  4. Lol your fine! the tissue does help to bulk them up a little, I did use newborn these are target brand, I vary with what I use when I make them, & vary with what I put on. I def think the tissue gives it an added touch you can have more fun with it & I love color :)& Thanks for your lovely comments :)