Monday, December 12, 2011

Oh mornings!

So I am totally not a morning person! I don't think I have ever been lol!  My husband is a morning person he is an early riser & always wakes up chipper, well my boy's take after daddy b/c they love to wake at 6-6:30 every morning sometimes they even give me the nice surprise of a 5:30am wake up let me tell you on those mornings my husband calls me scrooge!! Lol it's the truth though! My husband even bought me a coffee mug when we went to Disney World last year it has Minnie mouse on it & says mornings aren,t pretty it truly fits my morning demeanor!
   Today I woke up before the kids at 7am it was wonderful I got to sleep in & woke up on my own terms lol Brycen woke at 7:30 & I had to wake Aiden up at 8:15 let me tell you this is a very RARE thing that they ever sleep that long! It was heaven, now some of you may be reading this thinking I'm mean lol or some may totally understand where I am coming from but what a difference to wake on your own then a child screaming to get his breakfast & milk or a little one yelling to get out of his crib. I had pure quiet to wake up to & I actually got to shower without worrying if someone was into something or having to wait for Brycen to nap to get a shower. My mind was working today & I actually could think straight for once lol. I love my boys more than anything just wish they liked to sleep in a little one day :)

                                                          My mug fit's me perfectly lol :)
                                                             This is so my moto

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