Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lot's to do!

So every Christmas for the past 6yrs my husband & I have traveled back to our home state of NY to be with our families for Christmas, minus the very 1st yr we were in our home we wanted to celebrate together in our new home it was nice but lonely so we had decided to make the journey home from then on until it got to be too much! Last yr Brycen was only a month old when we traveled home & he did amazing we drive & it is a 12-13hr drive oh & my husband drives straight we only stop to use the bathroom we do drive through meals it's a long time to be in a vehicle let me tell you!
  Luckily this yr as well as last we don't have to travel with animals we used to always take the dogs (I have 2-70lb Boxers) I am so thankful we don't take them anymore! They now go to the kennel while we are away! They love it they have one on one play dates & nature walks while they are there the kennel sure wears them out :) Two kids in the car is enough to deal with lol! So today I get the joy of taking the dogs to the vet they are due for an annual shot & all shot's need to be up to date for them to go to the kennel & then later I also get to take my suv for an oil change need the suv at it's best before the long drive! I'm gonna be a busy momma today that's for sure.
   The hubby had duty last night anyone whom is unfamiliar with that term... well he has to stay up for 24 hours & babysit basically lol my hubby is a Marine & currently teaching his job so he has students so he has to stay in a room where the students live called the barracks & walk around & make sure the young marines are in by curfew & if anyone has any issues my lucky hubs gets to deal with it lol. Oh well he gets the next day off. So today he is off & since Brycen will take a nap around the time I need to leave with the dogs I can leave him here & daddy & Brycen can sleep so i'll be down one kid which is great since I have to take to crazy dogs to the vet by myself lol! I'll prob take both boy's with me for my oil change unless the hubs has a good enough nap for me to leave them here we will see. I also have a ton of packing to do & all that fun that goes along with traveling. -Candice-

Here is a pic of the two brats I have to take today lol oh & Brycen crawling in the background

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