Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time flies when your having fun

Im sitting here getting ready to get up and make a pot of coffee to enjoy this evening. I cant believe this year has flew by so quickly. Just goes to show how fast time flies once you have children. We have had a BLESSED 2011. I cant wait to see what 2012 holds. This time last year we were waiting to bring in 2011, with out new baby girl who was just a few days old. & our precious little man who was turning 4 shortly after New Years. Now I have a 1 year old, and a young boy who will be 5 in February. OMG!
So I have been slacking over the month of December with posts. So here is a catch up of the last few weeks.
This was one of Rileys favorite things we did over the Holidays. We made chocolate covered pretzels. They were a hit in our house! :)

Here were the kids Christmas morning. Riley was in complete shock and disbelief. It was such a wonderful morning. Dailee Rae was soo excited, and loved it. Once Riley woke completely up.. he couldnt stop playing with all his new stuff. 

& the BABY GIRL turned 1. Riley and I cooked her some cupcakes. I made the icing myself. It was delicious, and took no time to fix. I then added black food coloring and made it look like minnie mouse with a pink bow on them! I add a "d" to hers. That was alot of fun. She has a birthday party next weekend with all our family and close friends. 

So I know I had posted before about a special give away from Candice and I to our fans. So here goes. I will use and pick a lucky winner. Rules are.. you must leave a simple comment letting us know you read this blog. We want to see just how many followers we have that are keeping us with our amazing lives. LOL

Love you all, and Happy New Year! :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well we are finally home from visiting in NY after our 12 hour car ride back home lol. Our Suv was so packed the hubs could not even see out the back window lol I had to be his extra eyes to help :) We very much enjoyed the time with our families but boy are we happy to be back in our own home nothing like your own bed!
  The boy's did great adjusting too which was so nice they shared a room at my in-laws which was perfect practice for when baby Carsen is born b/c Aiden & Brycen will have to share a room for a little bit till we can sell our house & get a bigger one, we need more room for 3 boy's we our outgrowing our first home!
 It was nice not having to cook & clean while on vacation but in away I missed it I was happy to get home & clean & cook a meal tonight I even did some baking for tomorrow night to ring in the New Year!! I have a ton of laundry to put away but I'll get there!
 I can not believe tomorrow is New Year's Eve!!! Where has this year gone?? My baby is 1 I feel like I just had him & now expecting another wowzers I am going to be a busy lady! I am very much excited for 2012 this year has been a pretty rough one. I am ready for good things to come & am hoping 2012 brings them at least we know we already have one great thing coming in 2012 baby Carsen :) I can not wait to meet my newest little man!! I will be posting again soon with a awesome recipe for you all to try & a super easy yummy dessert... stay tuned lol & Happy New Year everyone be safe!!! -Candice-

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Well this is not turning into the Christmas vacation we were quite hoping for! We expected to come back home to our families & friends & be able to visit & just have a great time. Well not quite found out my dad's 1 sister was in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung. She is on medication & they are not sure as to when she will be able to come home, so my dad is feeling stressed.
  Then find out that my grandpa has really bad arthritis which traveled into his brain & is causing an artery to swell so he is  on a new type of medicine they are hoping it works or there is a risk my grandpa will have a stroke from the brain swelling, my mother & her sister take the main care of my grandpa since my grandma is unable to so the next week my mom & Aunt will be taking my grandpa to the Dr's every other day. It's really sad b/c I am very close with my mother's parents & I hate seeing them get old & not being well they used to do so much with us as kids & I was hoping for my boy' to know them they way I knew them breaks my heart!
  Then last night we were having Christmas with my family we always have lots to do Christmas Eve with family dinner so we decided to enjoy last night & enjoy opening presents. ONLY for my husband to get a dreaded phone call that his Grandpa just passed away :( How heartbreaking was this for my mother in-law though he was 95 & not well & he did not suffer thank the lord it is still such a sadness. It feels that our time to visit & be merry & enjoy all our family has been nothing but a dark cloud. Lot's of stress & sadness this holiday season.

So I urge all of you to take a minute & think what is actually important during this time of the year it's not going overboard buying tons & tons of gifts, or getting caught in the madness of things. It truly should be a time to be thankful for your family & to enjoy their company.
   Please hold your loved ones a little closer this Holiday season. And I pray none of you have to go through what my family is dealing with this year! Have A Wonderful Christmas Everyone

Monday, December 19, 2011


This weekend was so much fun. We had our program at Church. Dailee Rae was baby Jesus, 

and  I was Mary.  Ron had to work and wasnt able to be Joseph. We had a wonderful church 

member step in and play Joseph. The choir was amazing, and the decorations make it perfect. 

am so glad we were able to participate in such an amazing program. Thursday night Riley has 

his last program ever with Tabernacle Preschool. This breaks my heart. My boy will be in 

Kindergarten next year. He will turn 5 on his birthday. Where has time gone. He has grown right 

out from under my eyes, and into a very smart boy. He is such a character. He has some 

amazing dreams planned for his life, and I know he can succeed in all he plans to do. Right now 

his main focus is killing a deer. He doesn't care where he shoots it, as long as he does it, that's 

all that matters. He is waiting for a buck he says. His Nanna, and Papa got him a real gun for 

Christmas and he is beside himself. The fun things in life. Hopefully leading him in this 

direction, and keeping him busy will keep him off the streets, and getting into things he should 

be associated with. There are such bad things out in the world these days. Alot different then 

when I grew up, and that was that long ago. With God as a foundation in ones life theres no 

loss. Keeping him number one, and all negative things you come to will soon surpass. 

Christmas is in 6 days. The reason for the season is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The 

true meaning of Christmas is:  She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name 

Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins." (Matthew 1:21). Thank the Lord that 

even though we are all sinners we can ask for forgiveness with a true humbled heart.

So long of now, and keep the real reason in your heart threw out the next several days, and all 

year long!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I have been slacking at bit on posting. Sorry about that. I have been really busy the past several days with the Holidays coming up, & being involved in our Church's Christmas program. 

Today I went out and finished all our Christmas shopping. I bought all the goodies for baking this coming week. Riley and I will be making some chocolate covered pretzels, banana pudding, and possibly some oreo truffles. 

I love to bake, and Rileys a big help. We have tons of plans over the next week. & Im excited. 
We cant wait til Sunday morning to see the kids faces light up when they open there gifts. They have so much to open. 

I will be sure to post tons of photos of the next week here to come. 

So long for now. 

Hi from NY

Hey everyone hope you all have had a great few days!!! Sorry it's been a couple day's since I have posted I am up Western NY where my husband & I are from we drove 12 hours straight with both boy's so we could spend Christmas with our families :) It's so nice to be back home for a little bit & the boy's are thoroughly enjoying time with their Grammy's & Papa's & Aunts & Uncles!! It's nice too to have some extra eyes on the kids so I can actually sit my preggo butt down & relax for a few minutes ahhh so nice lol!! We were very much looking forward to some snow but it has all melted boo :( we are hoping we get a good storm before we leave to take the boy's out to play in it!! We shall see, the hubby is going to a football game tomorrow with my brother the Buffalo Bills we are only a 1/2 hour from buffalo!
    Tonight my momma is making her yummy Turkey rolls mashed potatoes & green bean casserole YUM! This is a great recipie you need to try super easy & yummy!! You get sliced turkey from the deli cut on the thicker side put stuffing down the center roll them up & put a toothpick in the middle to secure then pour gravy over them & bake them at 350 degrees for 1 hour. They are so easy & so good!! Here is a pic you all need to try this :) Enjoy!!
  Will post again soon I will try my best to keep up, we will be making some cookies as a family & I will try to get some other family outing pics up but I apologize if there is a delay hey I'm on vacation right? Lol till next time -Candice-

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's funny when I got pregnant with my 2nd child so many people told me that my second would be the exact opposite of my 1st, granted this may not be true for everyone but it sure is right on for me. Aiden my oldest was such an easy going baby for the most part he loved his swing & was content just looking around at everything, he was breastfed but I could pump & get him to drink from a bottle, as he got a little older he was content laying on the floor playing with toys, he walked by 9months he was in a hurry to grow up the only issue we had with Aiden was sleep it seemed like he was always awake I remember as a newborn my mom saying omg does he ever sleep his little peepers were always open lol. Aiden was also a binky baby.
  He slept in my bed for 31/2 months with me till my hubby came home from a deployment & then continued till about 5 months then I was forced to make him sleep in his crib it was hard I had to rock him every night b/c he was so used to being with me. So I finally get him to sleep in his bed only for the hubby to re-deploy when he was 18months & then I put him back in bed with me yep so for 6 months he slept with me everynight now 4yrs old & he still comes into my bed, now him sleeping with me is not enjoyable at all. I get kicked, punched oh ya once I swore he broke my nose he flops all over. The night he sleeps all night in his own bed I wake up so thrilled lol ya sad Ik but I can't imagine anyone saying I love when my kid sleeps with me & I get kicked it's the greatest thing ever lol!
   So then we have Brycen my now 1yr old & complete opposite Brycen was a very needy baby he barley ever wanted to be put down as long as someone anyone was holding him he was content. Brycen you could not just sit down with toys & walk away he'd throw a fit & he would not take a bottle he only wanted to nurse which is fine in the long run it's easier I think than pumping but to each is own! Brycen is not yet walking alone he hold your hand & walks or holds on to things & walks he will take a few steps on his own but he's just not sure yet Ik he can do it but I feel he is more cautious then Aiden was so that was so weird for me from going to a 9mo walking to having a 1yr old still not walking alone. Brycen also does not listen to the word no! That boy will pull cords out get into everything you tell him no he stops looks at you smiles & keeps going with what you told him no for! He is a stink!! Aiden you told him no & he moved on. Opposites lol!!
   Brycen is also my sleeper he slept with me till 3 months & then we moved him to his crib he slept for a good few hours at a time took his naps in his crib Brycen only wants to sleep in his crib I can not get him to lay with me in bed he thinks it's play time lol. He is so easy when it comes to sleeping you lay him down give him his blanket & he snuggles it to his face sucks his thumb & he is out! Brycen hated the binky he loves his thumb! Some say they think that's worse I think it's easier he can't lose his thumb & he only sucks it at nap & bedtime & once he's passed out it's not there so I think he will be easy to break! Brycen now is showing more independence & likes to play more by himself or with Aiden it's nice.
  I just laugh b/c every child is different you have people who say if the child sleeps with you they are babied but Aiden is quiet independent & you have those who think if you don't co-sleep that the child is deprived Brycen is way more cuddly than Aiden was & he sleeps by himself so I just think all children are different you never know what your going to get! I only pray that Carsen (my 3rd on the way) sleeps as well as Brycen does b/c I am def not as tired as I was with Aiden when I  pregnant with Brycen lol I sleep pretty good now minus when Aiden sneaks in & is kicking me :) -Candice-


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lot's to do!

So every Christmas for the past 6yrs my husband & I have traveled back to our home state of NY to be with our families for Christmas, minus the very 1st yr we were in our home we wanted to celebrate together in our new home it was nice but lonely so we had decided to make the journey home from then on until it got to be too much! Last yr Brycen was only a month old when we traveled home & he did amazing we drive & it is a 12-13hr drive oh & my husband drives straight we only stop to use the bathroom we do drive through meals it's a long time to be in a vehicle let me tell you!
  Luckily this yr as well as last we don't have to travel with animals we used to always take the dogs (I have 2-70lb Boxers) I am so thankful we don't take them anymore! They now go to the kennel while we are away! They love it they have one on one play dates & nature walks while they are there the kennel sure wears them out :) Two kids in the car is enough to deal with lol! So today I get the joy of taking the dogs to the vet they are due for an annual shot & all shot's need to be up to date for them to go to the kennel & then later I also get to take my suv for an oil change need the suv at it's best before the long drive! I'm gonna be a busy momma today that's for sure.
   The hubby had duty last night anyone whom is unfamiliar with that term... well he has to stay up for 24 hours & babysit basically lol my hubby is a Marine & currently teaching his job so he has students so he has to stay in a room where the students live called the barracks & walk around & make sure the young marines are in by curfew & if anyone has any issues my lucky hubs gets to deal with it lol. Oh well he gets the next day off. So today he is off & since Brycen will take a nap around the time I need to leave with the dogs I can leave him here & daddy & Brycen can sleep so i'll be down one kid which is great since I have to take to crazy dogs to the vet by myself lol! I'll prob take both boy's with me for my oil change unless the hubs has a good enough nap for me to leave them here we will see. I also have a ton of packing to do & all that fun that goes along with traveling. -Candice-

Here is a pic of the two brats I have to take today lol oh & Brycen crawling in the background

Monday, December 12, 2011

lights lights lights....& even more lights

This is my families favorite time of year. Christmas is such a special time. I know I have posted tons of post about this already, but I just cant get enough. As you all can tell I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

So, anyways here are some photos of a neighbor of ours from 2005-2006 house during Christmas time every year. We love taking the kids down there to go look at Christmas lights. 


 Welcome to Ernul NC

 Where is Riley? There he is Riley Frost!

 Wheres he at? Riley tree?
This is Riley with his favorite!!!

We had so much fun going as a family looking at the lights. Dailee Rae and Riley really enjoyed it! For all our local followers, and fans please be sure to go check out the lights on hwy 17n! :) They've added more this year! :)

Til next time, so long friends:)

Oh mornings!

So I am totally not a morning person! I don't think I have ever been lol!  My husband is a morning person he is an early riser & always wakes up chipper, well my boy's take after daddy b/c they love to wake at 6-6:30 every morning sometimes they even give me the nice surprise of a 5:30am wake up let me tell you on those mornings my husband calls me scrooge!! Lol it's the truth though! My husband even bought me a coffee mug when we went to Disney World last year it has Minnie mouse on it & says mornings aren,t pretty it truly fits my morning demeanor!
   Today I woke up before the kids at 7am it was wonderful I got to sleep in & woke up on my own terms lol Brycen woke at 7:30 & I had to wake Aiden up at 8:15 let me tell you this is a very RARE thing that they ever sleep that long! It was heaven, now some of you may be reading this thinking I'm mean lol or some may totally understand where I am coming from but what a difference to wake on your own then a child screaming to get his breakfast & milk or a little one yelling to get out of his crib. I had pure quiet to wake up to & I actually got to shower without worrying if someone was into something or having to wait for Brycen to nap to get a shower. My mind was working today & I actually could think straight for once lol. I love my boys more than anything just wish they liked to sleep in a little one day :)

                                                          My mug fit's me perfectly lol :)
                                                             This is so my moto

Sunday, December 11, 2011


I found the recipe on Pinterest. 
I am going to make this salty sweet treat this week. I thought I would share with you the recipe! :)

Christmas White Trash

24 oz. vanilla flavored candy coating (almond bark)
6 cups Kellogg's Crispix cereal
3 cups Christmas shaped pretzels
16 oz. M&M'S Peanut Butter Chocolate Candies, or Peanut Chocolate Candies, or Plain Chocolate Candies in Christmas Colors

In a medium microwave safe bowl, melt chocolate in the microwave for 2-4 minutes at 30 SECOND intervals until chocolate is melted; set aside. In a large bowl, add cereal, pretzels, and M&Ms. Pour melted chocolate over the cereal mixture. Using a large spatula to fold all together making sure not to break up the cereal to much. Once all the mixture is coated real well with the chocolate, pour out onto a table lined with waxed paper. Once cooled, break up into piece and store in an air tight container.

Tis the Season

Today I woke up with a sinus headache. Bummer. Well, I got up and moving around and got some meds in me and started feeling a bit better. We took the kids down town to Santa's sub station- lol, thats what Riley calls it. 

Here are the kids with Santa. 
Dailee Rae did great until she seen me taking pictures & she wanted her mama! Of course Riley was beside hisself. He couldnt remember what he wanted for Christmas- he froze. 
I proceeded to tell him things he has on his list and he remembered quickly.

We then took a trip to the cow cafe for lunch, and for Ice cream. Ron & Riley had egg nog ice cream. I didnt have any. It was to cold me for to eat ice cream.
Here is a picture of Dailee Rae at cow cafe.

She is full of entertainment. 
Before we went down town we stopped at Union Point Park to pick up Riley. We let him burn some energy by running around.

He really enjoyed that, after spending the whole weekend with Nanna & Papa.

Here is little Miss on December 10th. She was exactly 11.5 months old. Her birthday is quickly approaching, and my heart hurts  I am so sad she will be a year old. 
Shortly after her birthday we then have Mr. Riley who will be turning 5. What happened to my sweet little babies? They are growing WAY to fast. I wish I could stop time, well not exactly time but the way they grow in time. 

We have tons of things coming up over the next few weeks. I am going to get super camera happy and take loads of photos! :) I hope you guys are keeping up with our posts. I myself will have a little something I plan to do for our fans and followers. It will include, and I will have a entry and comment game that will be set up. Not sure of date, but I will have a winner on Jan.1.
I am not going to make this public on our page, or post anything else about it until time comes for the rules, because I want to just see how many of you guys follow and how many of you want to win something special from our family to yours! 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Donation basket

When I was 10 and lived in South Carolina on land that our family shared, including my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and my family; I use to go down to my grannys house at the time and would watch her sew. I would help her any way she would let me. I would use her scrap fabric and make pillows, and anything else I may have had enough to do with.

When I graduated high school and moved back to Carteret county, I moved in with my Granny and Papa while attending college to do hair. On weekends I would go shopping with granny and papa all over. I soon got a sewing machine of my own, and a sewing table. I stocked up on all sorts of things to make. Pocket books, placemats, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Over time I slowed down making things. I focused on my marriage I have just started, and making a family of my own & I put my sewing machine away in a closet to later use. I didn't pull it out until we moved into our now home, and I found out I was having a baby girl. I knew I could make her adorable dresses, and doll her up daily. I then started getting some many complements on the dresses I was making, and the matching bows, that I decided I would start a little side business and make some dresses for friends and there little girls. So that's just what I did. I named my little shop "All Dolled Up Dailee". I haven't been currently making anything due to times being so busy with both kids, and my sewing machine was having a few problems. Now that its straighten out I think I will proceed to make some things after the new year, and starting selling again! :)So keep a eye out!

Here is a dress, one of my favorite prints that I am going to donate to Candice's cousin for the raffle they are having to help raise money for her financial funds since her husband past. I cant imagine every losing Ron. I would be lost without him. He is my better half and completes me and my family. 
I keep thanking God daily for the additional day I am give with my family and all the ones I love so dearly. You aren't guaranteed tomorrow. If you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today, what would you have? Just something to think about and something to hold dear to your heart when you open you mouth and talk to God. I read it on a dear friends facebook, and its stuck with me since. Ron is in the National Guard Army, and he is never guaranteed that he wont be called tomorrow for another deployment. I could be the women who lost her husband due to him being over seas fighting for our freedom, or the women sitting in the hospital room waiting for the doctor to come and give her the results of her husbands surgery. You just never know. You never know just how lucky you got it. 

Here is the dress I am going to donate.
I hope this story is as touching to you as it was to me. I have two small children as you all know, and I want to live the happily ever after with my amazing husband to see my kids have children, and maybe even great grands. I have decided to never take for granted what I have and am given today. 


Friday, December 9, 2011

Diaper Cake!

Ok so I am making a diaper cake for a benefit! My cousin recently lost her husband he was only in his 30's & they have a 3yr old little girl it is very sad! His liver began to fail he was admitted to ICU & on the 1st of Dec he passed away. I can not imagine what my poor cousin is going through! My one Aunt & Uncle own a restaurant & they wanted to hold a benefit to help raise money for my cousin to pay the insane medical costs. They decided to have baskets made & they will be raffling them off. My Aunt asked if I would mind making a diaper cake or donating some Scentsy since I sell that. A friend of mine & I used to make diaper cakes together then life got crazy so we stopped. Since I have experience making them I gladly said I would do both, how could I not it's for my family & I love my family & I want to help my cousin in anyway I can! So I am putting my Scentsy together, & have begun my diaper cake I decided to do the colors blue & green it could be used for either boy or girl, I guess it's a little geared more towards boy's but hey I'm a mom of 2 boy's soon to be 3 so I got boy on the mind lol! Anyhow I decided to make it jungle themed I love jungle animals come on who doesn't? So I have took some pics of what I have done.... I like to wrap each diaper in colored tissue paper I think it makes it look way nicer then boring old white diapers....

First I use a baby wash to make a sturdy base to wrap diapers around (yes ik this one is used I will be buying a new one tomorrow but I was anxious to start) Each diaper is individually wrapped & rubber banded then I use a larger rubber band to hold the diaper in place together each row has it's own
The rubber bands will be covered by a pretty ribbon I'm thinking like a Giraffe print!
 Next I create another layer on top over the baby wash this helps secure the second layer & I like tiers it looks nicer/classier you can see the rubber bands on each diaper & the big one around the whole row
 Last I create the top tier I love making 3 tier Diaper Cakes :) I stick a diaper in the middle to help it to be more secure & the rest are stabilized buy it!
 Then I begin the decorating process I like to place things around to see what I like &  what I don't I will either add or take  things away depending on what I think.. this one has two Binky's, A Ty beanie baby for the toper, the little giraffe is a squeaky toy & in the back is a teething ring I may add more or I may leave as is sometimes too much looks gaudy! Each tier will be wrapped with a pretty ribbon to cover the rubber bands I may do a jungle for the top & the bottom & plain brown in middle hmm... decisions decisions lol!!

Well I made my decision to do brown with giraffe & I am in Love here is the finished product!!
I hope whom ever wins/purchases this love this as much as I do!! -Candice-

Right Side
Left Side

Little bit of life

Well today wasn't quite how I planned. Here goes. 
Riley is staying with Nana and Papa. He loves going to visit with them. & they love having him. I know Dailee Rae will love it just as much when shes old enough to go! :) I have moved Rileys little play table into the kitchen for snacks and dinner times for the kids. So far so good. Dailee just thinks she is the biggest girl ever now. & Riley enjoys sitting with her at the table. Of course when she reaches for his plate he quickly lets her know its his. This photo is of him saying the blessing. Yes, he is sitting in his underwear. The boy loves to be naked. Somethings they just dont grow out of I dont believe. He sure is a great big brother and loves his sister dearly. She adores him too.


 This is Riley chasing behind her.  She loved it!

Hey here I am.

 We LOVE each other.
 These two right here are two amazing kids! :)

 What me?

Well, thats it for now. Starting to get a head ache. Off to relax!