Friday, October 28, 2011

Ever Wonder??

Ever wonder if you life had went a different way? Today is my birthday & I always take a minute to think about my life where I am at in my life, have I achieved what I wanted, do I need to do better? When I was younger my parents always said I should have went to college for acting I was quite the actress/drama queen while growing up. I probably could have been good at it lol. I wonder if i had been successful if I would have enjoyed my life as much? But  when I think long and hard the answer is no! Say I had been a rich actress constantly in the eye of the public paparazzi fallowing me um.. No Thanks! I don't think I could have enjoyed that life & money does not = happiness! I instead fallowed my heart fell in love & got married at 20 to my best friend, my soul mate 3 years later I gave birth to my first son the best day of my life, he is the greatest thing to have ever happened to me. 3yrs after that I gave birth to my second son another wonderful day in my life. Now almost a year later on my birthday I look at my life & realized I would never want to live my life different. I have been so blessed, I may not be rich with money, but I am rich in love! I have an amazing amount of love surrounding me each day! Granted I have my day's where I wish I was on a deserted island & Johnny Depp dressed as Jack Sparrow was serving me fruity umbrella drinks lol! But I could never trade the I love you mommy's or the hugs, the kisses, the smiles of my kids. Watching them grow into boy's someday young men makes my heart melt. They are the greatest accomplishments in my life & I love them more than anything! I can say at 27 I am so happy with my life and can not wait to see what this next year brings with my family :) -C-

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A little bit of this, A little bit of that.

I haven't wrote in quite some time.
I haven't slowed down in a few weeks truthfully.
Finally I think things are starting to get semi back to a routine.
We've had a birthday party to go to every weekend just about in the past month.

So, I have tried several new recipes.
I am very pleased. The potato soup was delicious, along with the unstuffed peppers.
We had chili last night, and that was delicious.

We are going to trunk or treat at the church we have been attending for the past few months. Pretty excited to see all the work the members are putting together to decorate there trunks.

My husband is in a football pool at work. He won this weeks pool. Rather excited we are. Extra Christmas money!

Ahh, Christmas. Im so up in the air on what I am planning to get my children. Riley will be getting a laptop from his Nanna, and Papa. We are going to go shopping in the next few weeks and get out kids Christmas done. We have already got him a kinetic for the xbox, and got Dailee, not sure of the name but the huge boxes with all the different parts on it you see in doctors offices. Its going to be pretty excited for Ron and I get to go together. I cant remember the last time we've been able to go together. I am always the one shopping for Christmas, Birthdays and whatever else we need gifts for. Hes pretty excited about going too.

Dailee then has a birthday two days after Christmas. We are going to do a Minnie Mouse party for her. Black, Hot pink, and White. I'm excited for this. We're going to have it at our house. Never actually had a birthday party at our house so we will see how this turns out. We've always rented places for Riley to have his parties. Now that we have a bigger house and a huge yard, were going to give our house a go.

I think I am going to cook Thanksgiving at our house this year too. Rons schedule at work is always so crazy and he hardly ever gets to go where ever we have it at so I figured why not have it at home, it will prevent having to run everywhere and drag the kids. But, not sure. We will see.

So thats basically the extent of things going on in our life at home lately. Planning for the Holidays.

So long for now.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well today has been a fun & interesting day! We started off with some painting Aiden loves to paint & since Brycen is to young to paint I made him a sensory box (a friend of mine filled me in on them) They are really neat we filled it with colored noodles, pom poms, feathers different colored tissue paper & some measuring cups for him to play around in he loved to touch the different textures to his face :) & throw everything around oh well. So Brycen was busy with that & while Aiden was painting I had hot glued popsicle sticks to make a house for Aiden to paint so we could make a spooky house for Halloween. We had a great morning followed by a nice lunch I cut out sandwiches in the shape of Frankensteins head (I have Halloween cookie cutters) Aiden loved this he always eats better when I make his food fun! (Hey whatever works). Both boys ate all their sandwich & a whole apple little pigs lol. So then came nap time, rest time for Aiden he usually just plays quietly in his room! After they were just playing around the house Aiden decided to get out a balloon & was not paying attention knocked over Brycen who hit his head off the hardwood floor & then Aiden falls on him! Ahhhh!!! So I quickly pick Brycen up get him settled & Aiden now feels awful & is saying I'm sorry mommy! I was not mad it was an accident, I explain this is just not a good inside game or at least if Brycen is awake. So bye bye balloon. Oh and I forgot to mention Aiden disappears into the bathroom well I assume he's going to the bathroom he's 4 he goes on his own well nope he was into daddy's cologne & oh boy did he come out smelling like a skunk! I had to open windows & turn on the fan to help with the stink lol needless to say I ended up with quite a headache. Oh well what ya going to do. I tell you there is never a dull moment around this house :) Have a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Well It's now Wed & I have not updated since Sunday ooops! Sorry It's been busy & I have felt kind of yucky past few days! So sorry for the delay! Did you know there are only 67 days till Christmas ahhhh! This scares me I have so much to get & I am at a loss for my boy's this year. We did do something cool though the Church we have been going to, also where Aiden goes to preschool had made up these decorated shoe boxes & people could take them & fill them for children who are not so fortunate. Aiden had seen the boxes & asked what they were for I explained to him & asked would you like to fill one for a little boy & he said yes what a proud momma I was. Well we came home & he started to fill the box with some of his toys & some clothes (he is the sweetest boy) I laughed I explained to him that we were going to go shopping for the boy & he could help me pick stuff out. He was excited so we will be doing that this week. I think it is important to teach kids that Christmas is  about giving not just receiving because not everyone is so lucky. I also need to start browsing around for ideas for my two monsters lol. Oh here is a funny story for you so last night at dinner Brycen (11 months) just all of a sudden started throwing fists full of his dinner at my husband & laughing hysterically, my husband, Aiden & I were all laughing Brycen was so funny & cute I tried to tell him no fighting not to laugh (ya that didn't work) & he just laughed even harder & then threw his food at me. Oh Brycen is a little stinker I think he is going to be my little trouble maker. Hopefully it was a one time event I don't want him to think throwing food is allowed but it was funny at the time.  I told my husband to video tape it on my camera well he thought he did. Don't know what he did but when I went to go look at it he had like a 2 second clip of my back lol oh well at least I have the memory :) Hope everyone is having a good week so far!! Have any of you finished you Christmas shopping? -C-

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I sure did & A busy one at that, Saturday started the day off at the farm with Karmen & all the kids we had a blast, and there was a black fuzzy baby kitty eeep! (he reminded me of my sweet Bentley) I so wanted to bring him home but I was strong & did not! Had to laugh they had a hay maze now I ask you in a maze you find your way through correct? Oh not Aiden & Riley they decided to climb the thing to get out! (Boy's I tell ya never a dull moment!) Well after the farm came home & changed left the boy's with daddy & I headed to a baby shower thrown by the amazing Liz Galvan she has a blog she is AMAZING with decorating & diy projects (seriously wish I was rich, I'd hire her to re-do my whole house!) The baby shower was so fun, we got to make our own headbands for the baby girl who is due to arrive in dec! I ate way too much food! Then after that I had a Scentsy party, at my friends house. (Did I mention I sell Scentsy?) Um it's amazing seriously all my friends have become addicted. If your ever interested in checking it out I have a website:  :)  Again I ate way too much I now am addicted to this toffee dip that is pure heaven & you dip apple slices in it apparently it is on ya I will def. be looking that up! So saturday was an all around amazing day. Today we started the day off at Church, then off to the wonderful world of Wally (Walmart) as I call it! Had to get a few things, got home & my little man was tired & went down for a nap so I took advantage & told the hubby I was taking one so nice I needed it after Saturday. My hubby was so sweet even when little B was up he tended to him so I could still lay in bed I love that man! We had a great weekend hope you all did as well tomorrow it's back to the grind (my husbands fav saying). Take Adien to preschool, cleaning & putting away the 4 loads of clean laundry that are piled in my closet lol :)
 Yesterday was a fun, exciting, long, tiring day. Candice and I took the kids to the farm yesterday. That was a lot of fun. There were tons of animals there for the kids to feed and pet. Riley and Aiden both got to ride on a pony. That was very exciting, and the boys loved it.
 Riley feeding the baby cow. Both boys were amazed by this! :)
Best buds on the hay ride! :)
 We took a hay ride back into the woods were some beefing cows were. Yes the farmer actually stopped and said these are your beefing cows specifically raised in North Carolina for fresh beef. I about died. But, surely didn't change my thoughts about eating meat. I am a meat kinda gal. Theirs just nothing better to me then a nice juicy steak.
 The boys holding the kittens.
 Dailee Rae was able to hop up on the horse and let Riley hold her for a photo! 
 Dailee Rae and her "boyfriend" Brycen. Candice and I would love to be inlaws one day! :)

Well, anyways were heading to church this morning. I am coming home to prepare dinner for my family. My parents, sister & her boyfriends, and my cousin will be joining us to eat. My husband has duty. Go figure. Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, & enjoy your Sunday! :) 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Threw out life you run into tons of different people. Some remain you friend for a life time, some only for a short while. During this time, you learn not only more about yourself but you learn more about the others. You figure out what you look for in a friendship, what values are important to you, how you react to the way others treat one another, and so many more things the list goes on and on. I have lived in several different towns, and two states, had tons of friends, some I still talk to. Some I dont. But threw out all the moving I have done each and everyone of you have impacted my life in some way. You all have made me the person I am today. I value opinions so much more then I did. I am very open minded when it comes to the choices I make for myself and my family. I use to think that my way was the only way, and that I was always doing what was right and best for me and my family. I now know that others opinions are just important as mine, and we all have one. I listen to what others say and use that in my own life daily. Whether its something I just think about or actually put to use. My dream all of my life was to be a mother, a wife, and have two children. At that time I wasn't set on what sex of the child it would be. I knew I would name my first born "Riley". Ive known this since I was in the 8th grade. & sure enough I now have a 4.5 year old  little boy named David Riley. I knew I would have two children. After having Riley, I had changed my mind and decided I would only have one. Then along came Miss Dailee Rae. Our ray of Sun shine. So much has changed since she was born. Its like our family is complete. (Which it is, we ARE NOT having anymore children) But, their is just something about having both a boy and a girl that complete my life. My favorite moto is:
I try to live my this, and set my examples of life threw this. All dreams are possible if you put your mind to them! So long for now! -Karm

Dealing with loss of a pet

In August of this year we had to put our kitty down he was only 10months old his name was Bentley he was the sweetest thing ever. He all of a sudden got lethargic & stopped eating so I rushed him to the vet! They ran many tests tried lots of antibiotics had to force feed him, but sadly he did not get any better so I was faced with an awful decision, I had to end his suffering & put him down. My 4yr old Aiden wanted to go say goodbye I was so back and forth with this do I let him go, It will be so upsetting, but death is a thing of life we have to learn. Hmmm... Well we had had fish that died & we flushed them down the toliet he didn't get too upset so maybe he'd be ok. So off we went to say goodbye to sweet Bentley we got there and we got to hold him and talk to him Aiden said mom is he gonna be ok & I said no sweetie he is very sick & he needs to go to sleep forever. Remember when your fishes passed well Bentley is going to. Aiden said "mom they are gonna flush him down the toilet" (Yes it's ok to laugh at this I did) I said no bud he is going to heaven where he can play with other kitty's & dogs. "Oh he's going to heaven ok well where is that?" Me:"it's up there as I point up" Aiden: "in the ceiling?" Me: "no bud up in the sky" Aiden "oh ok in the clouds well how does he get up there do they use a ladder?" Me:"Yes, yes they use a ladder." Oh the mind of a 4yr old well actually this was before his 4th b-day so he was still 3. But he sure brought a smile to my face in this sad time. Well we said our goodbye's I know little Bentley is in a better place, but it still is so sad & Aiden still names him off when he talks about his family & says he's at the hospital maybe he will get better, poor kid does not really understand :( Have any of you had to deal with the loss of a pet how did your children react? -C-

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kids hear everything

 Kids sure do pick up on everything that's why as parents we really need to watch what we say in front of them. Example: tonight at dinner my son tells my husband daddy I got a lollipop today at the Dr's after my shots (he had his 4yr checkup boy those are brutal) anyways my husband says that's nice then my 4yr old goes on to say: "mom's Dr gave Brycen a lollipop is she crazy?" Brycen is my 10 month old & 2 weeks ago my dentist gave him a lollipop to keep him entertained while she was checking my teeth I told this story to a friend & had said "I was like is she crazy to give a 10 month old a lollipop" Oops didn't realize he was listening to that! Well he was makes me think twice about what I say & when I say it! Thankfully I didn't say anything bad, but just goes to show even when you think they are not listening they sure are. So if there is something you don't want your kids to hear make sure you are away from them :) -C-