Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The story of a moms life...

Well as I am typing this I am dreaming of sleep. I am visualizing sleep. I am hoping for sleep. I am sleep deprived. Dailee Rae had a out patient surgery on Monday morning to have tubes put in her ears. I was awake at 2am that morning with a stirring baby who wanted to nurse. Thankfully the passy held her over until 4:30! I got up at 4:00 and started getting ready, we had to be at the surgery center at 6. I had to get myself ready, her ready, and rush Ron out the door. Mean while she couldnt eat anything after 12 midnight on Sunday. She did great. Mommy on the other hand, I was a nervous wreck. I had knots in my stomach, and my palms were sweating. They put my precious little baby in that huge hospital bed and wheeled her away. 
I couldnt take my eyes off the clock while we sat in the waiting room that morning. Ron was knocked out sleeping- go figure.... A man, after moving from sitting beside me- yes he left me sitting there, because the man sitting beside him was passing gas, and he was about to throw up. I on the other hand have had sinus issues and my nose was clogged thank goodness, because with me already a nervous wreck; had I smelled this horrible smell that forced Ron to get up and move I probably would have died, crawled under my seat, and cried. So, anyways 5 minutes passed and no doctor. I was told it would take about 5 minutes from tons of friends who have had children who had this done, well 8 minutes still no doctor, 10 mintues, and Im sweating to death wondering what has happened during surgery and why they havent come out yet, finally at 7:42 am the nurse came out and told her every went great and baby girl was in recovery. They took us back to a room and had us wait about 5 more minutes, the longest wait of all, and then she was brought out. Tears were pouring but as soon as she got into my hands and latched on my boob she was in heaven. She was starving. She was a happy girl, fell fast asleep. We had to wait in recovery for 30 minutes to monitor her and we were released. They told me to expect her to sleep on and off for 24 hours and she would be back to her normal self after that. So Ron and I expected to come home and get a nap in before he picked Riley up from school, and then we would lay around and take turns sleeping that afternoon. Well that was the exact opposite of what happened. Dailee was a live wire. She didnt want to nap, she wanted to play, and she wanted to run, and jump, and sing, and dance and EVERYTHING we didnt think she would be during after just being put under with laughing gas. Wooowzers, by this time I am a walking zombie. When I attempted to lay down that afternoon my mind was flying 1000000 miles an hour and I couldnt go to sleep if I wanted, so I got back up. Ron went to sleep, dern thing and slept for 4 hours. We then had a Christmas party that night, that was very nice. I got to chat with all the wives of the men Ron works with over dinner, and we came back home and a couple stopped by for a little while and finally at 1030 I was back in bed to be woken up at 630 to start the day by Miss Dailee Rae. So needless to say all day Tuesday she was wide awake and napped for 1 hour so no nap for mom again, and I went to bed after going to dinner at my mother in laws last night at 930, to have to wake up this morning at 7. I need to sleep. Im dying to sleep. But, when its time to lay down and sleep, I cant :( Hopefully just hopefully tonight I will get to be by 9. I am praying it works out that way. Otherwise, I will be a zombie again tomorrow, and the next day and so forth. On a side note, if I dont get to sleep and catch up on sleep... I will do it over the weekend while Riley goes and stays at my parents house. Thank goodness for my parents! Shew. 

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