Thursday, December 8, 2011

Great Day!!

Had such a great day today :) First the boy's & I started off our day visiting a brand new baby girl only 3 days old let me tell you she is PRECIOUS!!! She is 5lbs & 15oz & she was full term, I have never held such a tiny baby she was light as a feather!! She was so cute sleeping makes me so excited for May to get here & hold my brand new baby boy!! Aiden said she was a pretty baby & Brycen wanted to rub her head it was too cute gave me relief that Brycen may be ok with mommy having another baby he was not jealous of me holding her at all Yay!! So then we came home & I fed the boy's lunch they like to eat kind of early especially when they wake at 5:45 am lol I have some early birds!!!
   We then met some good friends Liz (Liz Marie Blog) I'm telling you check her out!!, Christine from All My Heart (the girl who made Karmen's amazing necklace) my bestie Kate & the lil boy she watches :) we met downtown to get ice cream at a lil place called Cow Cafe they make their own ice cream & have some very yummy sandwiches!! They have a play area for the kids so they enjoyed playing. Aiden & his one friend would not leave poor Liz's husband alone he's great with kids & they know it so they figure hey why not hang all over him haha!
    Then we got a lesson from Kate on texting with your nose, yes I said nose & it was HILARIOUS!! I swear I never have a dull moment around Kate & one of us seems to always pee our pants from laughing so hard! Were crazy like that!! I lover her she's the sister I never had :) we joke were sisters separated at birth we never fight & just always have a blast together everyone needs a Kate in their life!!! So anyhow we had a day full of laughs & it was just so great!! I needed this day it's been a rough stressfull couple of weeks! So thanks to all these lovely ladies for making my day so great :)  -Candice- (Liz's link!) (Christine's etsy shop)

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