Friday, December 9, 2011

Little bit of life

Well today wasn't quite how I planned. Here goes. 
Riley is staying with Nana and Papa. He loves going to visit with them. & they love having him. I know Dailee Rae will love it just as much when shes old enough to go! :) I have moved Rileys little play table into the kitchen for snacks and dinner times for the kids. So far so good. Dailee just thinks she is the biggest girl ever now. & Riley enjoys sitting with her at the table. Of course when she reaches for his plate he quickly lets her know its his. This photo is of him saying the blessing. Yes, he is sitting in his underwear. The boy loves to be naked. Somethings they just dont grow out of I dont believe. He sure is a great big brother and loves his sister dearly. She adores him too.


 This is Riley chasing behind her.  She loved it!

Hey here I am.

 We LOVE each other.
 These two right here are two amazing kids! :)

 What me?

Well, thats it for now. Starting to get a head ache. Off to relax!

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