Thursday, December 1, 2011

An exciting day!!

So  I am expecting my 3 baby today was my Ultra Sound apt to determine my due date found out I was 14 weeks & 1 day my due date is May 30th & that we are having our 3rd little boy!! Yes they were able to tell already my boy's have never been shy during their photo shoot :) My husband & I were so excited we are so in love with our boy's & so used to boy's that I think we were both scared for a girl haha granted we would have been excited for a lil girl as well. We just want a healthy baby, but I think we both were secretly pining for another lil boy! There is something about boy's whenever I see a baby boy my heart just melts. I believe I was meant to be a mother of boy's, secretly I enjoy the craziness my boy's keep me on my toes & busy & that is what I need!! So we can not wait to welcome Carsen Jeffri or CJ for short to the world in May :) My boy's have a trend of coming at 37 weeks so I am expecting Carsen to come early as well!! Here is a peak at my new little man whom has already stolen my heart again!!! -Candice-

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  1. So thrilled for you and your family, so glad you got your secret hearts desire in your little football team ;-)