Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's funny when I got pregnant with my 2nd child so many people told me that my second would be the exact opposite of my 1st, granted this may not be true for everyone but it sure is right on for me. Aiden my oldest was such an easy going baby for the most part he loved his swing & was content just looking around at everything, he was breastfed but I could pump & get him to drink from a bottle, as he got a little older he was content laying on the floor playing with toys, he walked by 9months he was in a hurry to grow up the only issue we had with Aiden was sleep it seemed like he was always awake I remember as a newborn my mom saying omg does he ever sleep his little peepers were always open lol. Aiden was also a binky baby.
  He slept in my bed for 31/2 months with me till my hubby came home from a deployment & then continued till about 5 months then I was forced to make him sleep in his crib it was hard I had to rock him every night b/c he was so used to being with me. So I finally get him to sleep in his bed only for the hubby to re-deploy when he was 18months & then I put him back in bed with me yep so for 6 months he slept with me everynight now 4yrs old & he still comes into my bed, now him sleeping with me is not enjoyable at all. I get kicked, punched oh ya once I swore he broke my nose he flops all over. The night he sleeps all night in his own bed I wake up so thrilled lol ya sad Ik but I can't imagine anyone saying I love when my kid sleeps with me & I get kicked it's the greatest thing ever lol!
   So then we have Brycen my now 1yr old & complete opposite Brycen was a very needy baby he barley ever wanted to be put down as long as someone anyone was holding him he was content. Brycen you could not just sit down with toys & walk away he'd throw a fit & he would not take a bottle he only wanted to nurse which is fine in the long run it's easier I think than pumping but to each is own! Brycen is not yet walking alone he hold your hand & walks or holds on to things & walks he will take a few steps on his own but he's just not sure yet Ik he can do it but I feel he is more cautious then Aiden was so that was so weird for me from going to a 9mo walking to having a 1yr old still not walking alone. Brycen also does not listen to the word no! That boy will pull cords out get into everything you tell him no he stops looks at you smiles & keeps going with what you told him no for! He is a stink!! Aiden you told him no & he moved on. Opposites lol!!
   Brycen is also my sleeper he slept with me till 3 months & then we moved him to his crib he slept for a good few hours at a time took his naps in his crib Brycen only wants to sleep in his crib I can not get him to lay with me in bed he thinks it's play time lol. He is so easy when it comes to sleeping you lay him down give him his blanket & he snuggles it to his face sucks his thumb & he is out! Brycen hated the binky he loves his thumb! Some say they think that's worse I think it's easier he can't lose his thumb & he only sucks it at nap & bedtime & once he's passed out it's not there so I think he will be easy to break! Brycen now is showing more independence & likes to play more by himself or with Aiden it's nice.
  I just laugh b/c every child is different you have people who say if the child sleeps with you they are babied but Aiden is quiet independent & you have those who think if you don't co-sleep that the child is deprived Brycen is way more cuddly than Aiden was & he sleeps by himself so I just think all children are different you never know what your going to get! I only pray that Carsen (my 3rd on the way) sleeps as well as Brycen does b/c I am def not as tired as I was with Aiden when I  pregnant with Brycen lol I sleep pretty good now minus when Aiden sneaks in & is kicking me :) -Candice-


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