Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is it Christmas yet...

    We have a calendar on our wall that has candy in the pockets for each day until December 25th. Every morning Riley gets up and eats his piece of candy. He asks is it Christmas yet. I explain to him how many days we have left by counting the candy left on the calendar. He is getting so good and now getting up and counting the candy and telling me how many days we have left until Santa comes. 
We have always had a huge Christmas since Ron and I have been together, even before kids. We stopped buying things for one the year Ron deployed 2009. It was just easier to focus on Riley, and Ron & I would get our selves what ever we needed or wanted when ever threw out the year. This year we've added our sweet baby girl to our family and we now have two children to buy for.               We went all out again this year. We spent alot of money on the kids, and Im grateful we've had it to spend. When they stop believing it takes the fun out of Christmas and by that time the gifts they want cost so much you can only afford a few. So while they are still small and we get just as much excite out of Christmas as what they do we've decided we are going to splurge and buy anything we want for the kids. 
Ron was able to get some time off the last few weeks and we went shopping together. We used layaway at TJ Maxx so we could use there store as storage. We went and got everything off layaway last week and we have 6 huge black trash bags full of Santa in our storage building. We keep saying to one another every day we cant wait for Christmas. Riley jumps in and says me either! :) The smile on the kids faces this Christmas is going to be amazing! 
     This year will be Rons last year having Christmas off for two years! Boo, he has the craziest schedule every. Swing shift, two weeks nights, two weeks days, works 2 days a week, then 5 days a week. Crazy. So we are going to make the most out of it! :)
So long for now! Karmen

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