Friday, December 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well we are finally home from visiting in NY after our 12 hour car ride back home lol. Our Suv was so packed the hubs could not even see out the back window lol I had to be his extra eyes to help :) We very much enjoyed the time with our families but boy are we happy to be back in our own home nothing like your own bed!
  The boy's did great adjusting too which was so nice they shared a room at my in-laws which was perfect practice for when baby Carsen is born b/c Aiden & Brycen will have to share a room for a little bit till we can sell our house & get a bigger one, we need more room for 3 boy's we our outgrowing our first home!
 It was nice not having to cook & clean while on vacation but in away I missed it I was happy to get home & clean & cook a meal tonight I even did some baking for tomorrow night to ring in the New Year!! I have a ton of laundry to put away but I'll get there!
 I can not believe tomorrow is New Year's Eve!!! Where has this year gone?? My baby is 1 I feel like I just had him & now expecting another wowzers I am going to be a busy lady! I am very much excited for 2012 this year has been a pretty rough one. I am ready for good things to come & am hoping 2012 brings them at least we know we already have one great thing coming in 2012 baby Carsen :) I can not wait to meet my newest little man!! I will be posting again soon with a awesome recipe for you all to try & a super easy yummy dessert... stay tuned lol & Happy New Year everyone be safe!!! -Candice-

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