Friday, January 13, 2012

Worry or not??

So I was unsure if I was going to share this or not but I decided that for some it may help to know & if you really want people to feel comfortable with you you have to share moments when you feel upset, not everything in life is always grand!! So my story begins yesterday, (Some stuff may be too much info for some so sorry if it bothers anyone, but then again I am not forcing you to read this)
  So yesterday I woke up I am 20 weeks preg with my 3rd baby now this may be gross to some others it's not a big deal but most women have discharge well when your pregnant it normally increases, I have delt with this before no big deal well yesterday it was so bad it was running down my leg I don't wear underwear to bed cuz it's uncomfortable (TMI sorry) to me so I had on my baggy pj' bottoms & it was the most gross feeling to have this running down my leg. I immediately got in the shower b/c I just felt gross!
 So I showered got dressed & ready for the day well the discharge continued everytime I went to the bathroom & wiped I felt I'd need to use a whole roll of TP! Where the hell was all this coming from????
  Later I went to the bathroom again this time I freaked after I wiped & there was this clear blob YES BLOB it was thick like jelly & the size of a quarter... The only time I ever had something like that happen in pregnancy was 1 week before I delivered my boy's what they call the "mucus plug". I panicked was it my plug omg was I going to be in labor soon?? I called my ob nurse & she said I should come get checked to make sure.
  So called my best friend whom luckily lives across the street! Kate your a life saver b/c Aiden def did not need to be exposed to the inside of my vagina, Brycen is too young to realize anything so I took him, they got me in at 10:30. They had me give a urine sample and then went to the exam room the dr comes in listened to Carsen's heartbeat that was reassuring his heartbeat was strong!
 Then came time for the fun of the exam oh joy! Well first the Dr said I need to use a bigger speculum b/c your inside walls are more caved in, (Awesome I have a caved in vag!) So he looks inside then goes to feel, I was closed off my cervix was not open phew! I'm in the clear right?? Well then he says to me what I think it is.... Is cervical mucus, as you have more babies your cervix gets floppy, and the mucus that helps protect tends to shed & come out more often then with a first baby where ur cervix holds it tighter until close to the end in return you get the "mucus plug"
 Ok so now I have a floppy cervix & a caved in vag (I'm feeling great about myself at this point & thank god my husband was not there)! So the Dr. then goes on to tell me I don't want to tell you your fine b/c whats to say that tomorrow you don't go into labor (FREAKIN AWESOME) he then says I could put a stitch in your cervix but people would think I'm crazy (WHY???) He said basically there is nothing I can do, but the baby is high up so that is a good sign. (REALLY REALLY?)
 How in the hell is any of this comforting to me cuz you basically said well you could go in to labor or you couldn't & there is nothing I could do! (THANKS FOR THE REASSURANCE) I felt like I completely wasted my time & that now it's like well wait & see if my baby stays or goes (MY HEART HURTS).
  Luckily I have an apt on the 31st with my normal Dr. whom I trust & he is amazing he has delivered both my boy's & he makes me feel so comfortable so I am looking forward to talking to him about all this & I also have a US that day so I figure if anything they should be able to tell if all is ok or not. (AND NOW I WAIT).
 I have been trying to take it easy & put my feet up just incase don't really know b/c I got such wishy washy info, but resting is hard with a 4yr old & 14month old, so I guess we will see what happens. I just figured I'd post this for other women incase they have had similar experiences they could offer advice. I will keep everyone posted, & yes it's ok if you laugh at my crazyness, with how I express things! -Candice-


  1. I had A LOT of discharge with Logan. He is my first. My discharge was globby and looked exactly like you described. I carried him full term. Hope it makes you feel better!

  2. Thanks Heather :) this is why I decided to post wanted to see if others had this, the Dr seemed like he really had no answer for me & it was frustrating, I dunno if he was so skept b/c I had pre-term labor with both boy's at 33 wks that they stoped & I gave birth to both at 37 or what but I left feeling like I really had no idea what would happen.