Saturday, January 21, 2012

My day

So I found this on pinterest & it kind of upset me maybe it's the preg hormones but I'll tell you why....

I'm a good mom but guess what? My floors are not sticky, my oven is clean & my kids are beyond happy! My 4yr old tells me everyday I love you mommy your the best mommy & my 14mo is a happy little boy. Some people think that by neglecting your house you have more time with your kids, I think the opposite. If I let everything pile up I would spend a whole day neglecting my kids & cleaning um no thanks! So I will tell you my secret for having a clean home & happy kids (yes you can have both!!)
Now I'm not bashing anyone who does not clean as much as me I'm an ocd neat freak sorry I am & I'm not saying anyone should be like me I'm not perfect by any means, but this is how I live my life & we are all happy.

We sart our day at 6:30am this is when my kids wake I get 2 cups of milk ready every morning for my boy's they have their milk & we sit on the couch & cuddle. Then a few mins after they are ready for breakfast so I start breakfast somedays I make them pancakes or Belgian waffels, or eggs, somedays it's a cereal bar or pop tart. While they are eating I  clean my counters & vacuum yep that's what I do I vacuum the 3 bedrooms first & then I vacuum my hardwood floor & my kitchen. It does not take me long at all bc I do it everyday so its not very messy :) Every other day I run my swiffer through to mop, I like that the best.

Then the kids p & I play for a little bit or we may decide to get showered & dressed right away depends on the day. M,W,F Aiden has preschool from 9-12 so we drop him off I come home with Brycen & he is usually ready for his morning nap by 9:30am I lay him down, I unload the dishwasher & wipe down the bathrooms & then sit down with my clean laundry to fold while I catch up on a dvr'd show! about 10:30-11 Brycen is up & guess what my house is clean yay!! I have the rest of the day with my kids, we play & sing & read books.

I pick Aiden up at 12 come home make lunch we sit & eat & talk about his day & then we play a game or play with his toy's. When Brycen lays down for his second nap Aiden usually has quiet time he does not take naps anymore but he still needs some chill time this is when he is allowed to watch tv or play quietly whatever he chooses sometimes we build Lego's or we play his new fav game candyland & he kicks my butt everytime! Somedays we go grab lunch with friends somedays we go to the park. But I assure you I make the most of the day with my kids they are happy & never neglected. Usually during this time I also prep dinner unless it's a crock pot recipe then I throw in as soon as I'm back from preschool morning drop off.

We like to eat dinner around 5 so we eat shortly after the hubby has come home & then he plays with the kids while I clean up dinner then it's bath & jammy time, then we hang out & play till bedtime.
Some people may feel that my life is stressful, but I feel stressed if things are not clean (I get it from my mom) She was a clean freak & she passed it down but guess what I had an amazing childhood & have so many great memories. This is just my routine I like routine it's what works for me :)

I also have 2 dogs & 2 cats & hair drives me crazy I don't want my kids covered in hair so this is another reason I clean everyday if I didn't have all my pets maybe I would not clean as often, but I've had my pets since I've been married & although they drive me crazy & I'd rather not have them most of the time they are not going anywhere till they pass so I need to keep the hair away lol :)  I'm anxious to see how I will have to adjust my routine when we throw Carsen into the mix in May. Oh the challenge but I'm up for it!

So yes maybe I'm a little crazy for my cleanness but it's what works for me & my family to each is own. -Candice-

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