Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gonna Lose It!!!

Today has been a day I mean a day! WOW! I have a few mins so I figured maybe if I vent I will ease some stress. I think I very well may lose my mind, my marbles my something today! I feel my blood pressure rising today that is for sure! I am being pushed to the limit!

 To start last night I slept like complete crap tossed & turned could not get comfortable, after about every hour of getting up to pee & blow my nose b/c i'm all stuffed up 3am rolls around & I am WIDE awake (really??) So I lay there desperately trying to fall back asleep no luck then Aiden comes in well Brandon herd him so he got up & tucked him back in! I just about fall back asleep at 4:50 am when beep beep beep Brandon's alarm goes off (jdgfsdfskjhk) That's how I felt! 

5:30am rolls around & Aiden & Brycen are up (oh freakin joy!) I laid in bed for a few mins hoping Brycen would go back to sleep no such luck so got up Brandon had already got Aidens milk & got Brycen's ready so into change him & give him his milk. Brandon heads to work & I get the boy's some breakfast, let the dog's out feed them vacuum quick ok so it's not so bad!

7am hits and hell breaks loose! Aiden has started with the attitude from well, hell! Screaming at me he wants to take a shower now! I'm like hang on I'm washing dishes I'll start your shower in a minute, he's screaming he wants to shower now & in my shower. I'm like no your shower & I will get to it in a minute mind you Brycen is now trying to climb the kitchen table the cat is trying to chew the computer cord & I just about want to scream! I really don't like being yelled at by a 4yr old

8:15 Brycen goes back to bed after a meltdown b/c he is tired & I am feeling like I am about to throw up, Aiden is playing nicely & I decided to lay down so I don't start barfing my brains out, well then starts I need juice, I want a snack, I want this, I want that arrrrrrgh!

9:30am Brycen is back up all over the place pulls the kitchen chair on top of him, everytime I go to use the bathroom he is climbing the step stool & trying to climb the toilet.
Then we have Aiden instigating bringing out toys & teasing Brycen, which leads Brycen into a screaming fit, Brycen trying to climb his rocking chair & unplugging his monitor. YAY!

11:00-1130ish ok it's time to make lunch so we can have kids sitting & quiet or so I think, I make grilled ham & cheese what Aiden asked for & then I get I don't like this, I want cold ham, I said well when you eat 1/2 your sandwich you may have some cold ham, & the temper tantrum starts, finally I yell just go to your room if you can not be happy with what you have you get nothing. (because let me tell you at this point I have HAD it). I am sick of always giving into what he wants b/c he changes his mind! NO MORE! You get what you get & you don't throw a fit! Mind you I am having alot of pelvic pain today & siatic so I feel as though I am limping around, I am so over being pregnant! I need a fast forward button!

Needless to say Aiden is now in his room & being quiet I think he may have fallen asleep however I am to afraid to go in & see I don't want to disrupt this quiet & Brycen was playing nicely but now is smacking his toy hammer on the chair! Is it 4pm yet??? Because this tired preggo momma is ready for daddy to come save the day! -Candice-

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