Thursday, January 19, 2012

And this is life

Well last night was not fun! Not only did I have a sick husband breathing his ick on me, I had a 4yr old wake up whom had to be put back into his room & then little man woke up screaming. I went in his room to find him sitting on the floor with a stuffed puppy so I tried to lay him back down & leave he was not having it. I ended up in the toddler bed with him for an hour & my back is not liking me today. This is life!
  This morning we met up with a friend & fellow preschool mom at gymnastics it was bring a friend day, Aiden had a blast. Brycen watched & loved to see big brother. I think we will sign Aiden up for gymnastics to give him something to do that will burn energy. Well after our play date had to come home to give Brycen his nap. Aiden had quiet time in his room & was allowed to watch tv, while I folded laundry & caught up on one of my fav. new shows Revenge (super good)! 
  When Brycen woke up he was & still is crabby  on & off he's currently running around with my sweater babbling & the next whining, Aiden was playing nice with him & then he turned into yelling at him, again this is life! LOL I have a pot roast cooking in the crock pot & if it's yummy (new recipe) I will share with you all :)
 Tomorrow is no preschool for Aiden & I have alot of running around to do, so of course there wouldn't be school so I have to take both kids right? This is life. I'm sure Aiden will tell me how bored he is, he is a character. Soon I need to start my mashed potatoes to go with dinner & then the hubs will be home he texted me earlier to let me know his voice was about gone & he was going to get medicine so I'm sure he will be a pure joy this evening, I swear men are worse than kids when sick! This is life!
  But... I wouldn't change it though things may get crazy & hectic & I may have children that are fighting one second, whining the next, & happy the next they are my life & I love them & their craziness :) -Candice-

                                Crazy boy with my sweater he is a drool mess working on more teeth

                                                            Trouble ;)

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