Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beware of the food monster!

We have to laugh at our house Brycen can pack the food away! This little 14mo old can eat 2 pieces of pizza you'd think he'd be a chunker he's in 25% for his weight, he must have one high metabolism! He eats way more than my 4yr old he will eat a 1/2 of a Pb&j sandwich & Brycen will eat a whole! That little piggy is going to eat me out of house & home when he's a teenager. We have to hide food from Brycen like our sweets b/c if he sees you eating something he points & yells till you let him have a bite, & in all fairness if he sees it we feel obligated to let him have a bite I feel bad if I eat something in front of him.
  Well we love ice cream in this house, my hubby & I have been on a chocolate Pb fix lately I guess he's feeling sympathy pregnancy symptoms lol so anyways our favorite grocery store Harris Teeter had their ice cream 2/$5 so we had to buy some (had too lol)  hubby always eats a little after dinner, well he has to share his with Brycen cuz Brycen throws a fit otherwise & will try to climb the recliner to get to my husbands bowl.
  Tonight Brycen was playing nicely in Aiden's room so Brandon (hubby) thought he was safe & could be sneaky & get away with eating his ice cream. UM NO! I swear that boy can sniff out desserts lol (must be like his momma) he came out & was looking around I whispered to him daddy has ice cream he took off & went right up to the recliner stared at Brandon pointed & yelled. We were dying laughing & so Brandon had to share his ice cream yet again, if only he was smart like me (I eat mine when everyone goes to bed :) I don't want to share hahaha) -Candice-

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