Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Big Time!!

So I have come to realize that my baby is not a baby anymore sigh :( he is officially a toddler or as we now tell him he's big time!! He is walking & talking like crazy he is counting to 3 all by himself & he repeats & mimics what we do or say. When did this happen??? I feel like I just brought him home from the hospital & in a flash he is almost 14months! He really picked up on alot in NY while home visiting family we came back home & Brycen has amazed our friends that have not seen him in 2 weeks. It's crazy that in 2 weeks time he could learn so much but he is a smartie like his big brother!!
Well my husband decided today that he was offically big time & converted his crib to a toddler bed, I almost cried I was like no I'm not ready but he reminded me that in 4 months baby Carsen will be here & Brycen will be soon sharing a room with Aiden untill our house sells & we find a bigger one. Aiden has a captins bed with drawers underneath so what we have decided to do is remove the drawers & get a trundle bed to put under for Brycen. Bunkbeds scare the poop out of me so that was a def no no in this house my boy's move way too much & I am so scared one would tumble off the top.

So we decided to convert the crib give Brycen a couple months to adjust & then move him into Aiden's room where he will have an official big boy bed. Again sigh :( it makes me sad to think Brycen is growing so fast before my eyes but he really has grown & changed so much & I do feel he is ready I'm just being a mom who does not want him to grow up! We all sat in Brycen's room while he played in his new bed he was so excited & happy laughing & climbing in & out, he knows he's big time now! He even has took his first nap in it he acted a little scared at first but I reassured him gave him his blanket & he has been asleep for an hour now!! Here is a pic of Big Time in is new bed, with big brother letting him know it's awesome.

I love these boy's

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