Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rainy Day Fun!!

Well it's raining today blah! It's cold yucky, and were trying to get over a cold (well Brycen & I) So I needed something fun to do hmm... I had to put my thinking cap on! My boy's have been up since 5:45 we needed a project Aiden loves to paint but Brycen tries to eat paint Fail! Or was it???

 I decided I was going to let my little man paint, like big brother but obviously I don't want him eating paint so I came up with an awesome soloution... PUDDING PAINT! Yep & I used food coloring to make it more fun & exciting...

I used vanilla instant pudding mixed it seperated it into serving dishes & added food coloring :)

                                    Brycen painting we had a plastic fork, plastic spoon & a little paint brush

                                                         Aiden thought it was cool!
                                          & then of course it turned into this as I expected :)

Aiden loved eating the pudding

But not as much as Brycen :)

But hey they are having fun painting/eating so it's all good

here are some of the creations....
it may be a little messy but messy is fun & hey they can eat it :)  -CANDICE-

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