Friday, January 27, 2012

Im back. Finally Im back.

I purchased a ipad shortly after Christmas. It was awesome. Until I wanted to blog, and wanted to copy and paste, or post something exciting in our moms group. Wasnt happening. No keyboard, and all touch screen. Yeah- fail.
So I returned it, and went and bought a laptop. A Samsung. So far so good. Im up and running, posting a blog, and smiling while doing so.

Well, today has been quite an experience.

First off, I got up seen some not so nice and rude bashing going in the moms group. Candice and I talked and took care of that mess. Then met two awesome ladies for breakfast; Shannon, and Candice, then went to the mall to get a phone cover. While there I found something cute to add to the basket for Carsen; Candices new one who will be here in May. After that I went to verizon, and received shitty customer service. I ran out in the rain with Dailee from in there, made a phone call to there phone customer service about getting Ron a phone, and spoke with a awesome lady. Who told me to go shop around online. Well I did that, and ended up getting Rons phone for free. :) Yah!

Check back into facebook to find a bunch of mess going on in the group. Stuff we refuse to tolerate. Were all adults and we act like it. Minus a few women who have nicely removed themselves so we didnt have to do so. Apparently were no the ones who the problem if we dont have to remove them ourselves. Makes it much easier on Candice and I. We just want things to run smoothly and for everyone to get along. Our moto: To each its own. Its that simple.

So, Ive got the house cleaned this afternoon. Are having some girls over tomorrow to do hair, and will complete the weekend with Riley returning Sunday from his trip! :)



  1. Aww u didn't have to get nething for Carsen but thats so sweet :) Glad u got Ron's phone free & ur liking ur new laptop yay! Excited for a new do tom <3 ya girl

  2. I did have to get him something. You know I love buying baby gifts! :) & hope you love your hair!!! I am so loving the laptop!