Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What you appreciate when your older

Its funny as a teenager how your view of things is so different! I never realized how lucky I was till I was in the process of wedding planning! I am the oldest of two I have a younger brother we are 4 1/2 years apart. I had the spotlight till he came along lol or that's how I used to look at it. When I was little I was daddy's little girl we danced to music, sang songs together, my dad was in a band & played guitar & he would take me to his practices with him I loved it. I would dance & sing I thought I was something else. My dad even made my birthday cake one year :) Him and my mom have been married almost 30years now (I can't wait to say that I have been married that long!) My dad & mom always gave me such fun birthday parties they were very creative they would come up with fun games & my mom usually made my cakes she is seriously so crafty (I'm jealous). My dad & mom worked their butts off to provide for us we always had great Christmas' my brother & I were very loved!
  As I got older my dad & I grew apart all we did was fight or we just would not even speak to each other. I always felt like my dad was harder on me than my brother, I felt my brother was the favorite. I can't even tell you how many times I slammed doors on my dad told him I hated him & went ignoring him. My dad would say well if you hate me then move out or I'm just doing my job, oh the anger I had towards him. There were times he'd ask me to go out to breakfast with him & I'd say ok we would go & sit there & eat & not talk we had nothing to really say to each other our relationship was not good.
 Then I met Brandon (my hubby) I was 18 funny thing is my mother actually did not like him at first, but my dad liked him right away weird! Brandon could see the tension between my dad & I. I remember one time while Brandon & I were out to dinner & we started to talk about my dad, Brandon said you know he loves you & you need to try to talk more with him, I thought oh what does he know. Well little did I know hubs knew alot & I feel because of him my dad & I are once again close he helped us patch our relationship back up.
 Two years after meeting Brandon we were engaged to be married my mother was skeptical my dad was so excited (what??) My dad helped me plan my whole wedding yes my dad. We started talking & picking stuff out it was so much fun, we would have breakfast dates & talk the whole time. My wedding day was one of the greatest days of my life, I married my best friend & my dad & I had our old relationship back, he was so proud of me as we danced (we both broke into tears) I remember wiping my dads tears I had my daddy back & he had his little girl again.
 The day I moved out was the day I moved to NC to go be with Brandon he was in the Marines & that is where & still where we are. It was so hard to leave my family, my dad wrote me a letter told me not to read till I was half way to NC so I listened that was the hardest letter to read I never cried so much. My dad had told me how proud he was, how much he loved me & how he knew Brandon & I would be so great he wrote " Looking at your wedding pictures, I can see how much he loves you". It was so sweet & reassuring that my dad saw great things for me. He was right!
   I think the hardest thing for me with my dad was 2 years ago he had a heart attack I was so scared I'd lose him I finally had my daddy back. As soon as I found out I was on the next flight out, Brandon took a week off work & stayed with Aiden. I went to be with my dad, I cooked for him & we just hung out & talked it was so great & I am so happy I was there for him, he had told me he was fine & I didn't need to come but I had to see for myself that he was or would be ok. He was very lucky, I still get on his case about eating better & such so he does not have another.

                                                      My dad & I on my wedding day
  I have come to learn that yes my dad may have been hard on me at times but he made me strong, he made me independent. He helped me grow into woman whom can take care of herself & her family, he taught me alot & I am so grateful I have him in my life. It's funny b/c now we talk on the phone for hours, text each other. We have the most amazing relationship. My dad is actually going to come stay with us a few weeks before Carsen is born so he can be here for the boy's when I go into labor!! I can not wait for him to be here, he is such an amazing Papa, the boy's adore him, & it makes me happy he can be here to help out & visit for awhile. I am so happy to have the amazing parents I do & now my very own amazing family -Candice-
                                          My dad, mom, brother, Brandon, me & the kids


  1. what a great story, candice! Def brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad that you and your dad have your great relationship back. I went through the same thing in high school with my dad but as I got older, things changed and we connect better, too. How awesome that he's coming to stay with the boys when Carsen is born :)

  2. Just2moms-Candice-January 18, 2012 at 7:01 AM

    Thanks Ali- it's so funny how when were teens we think we know everything & "everyone is out to get us" I'm so glad you & your dad have patched up ur relationship as well :) It's great to have that father/daughter bond!!