Friday, March 30, 2012

Whatever your name is!

So my husband is playing softball again this yr he usually does a spring & fall league. As if we are not busy enough! This week he had 2 games one on Tuesday & one on Thursday, he playing for his work so he is on base b/c he's a Marine. Well we live a 1/2 from base so instead of him coming home driving back & coming back home he's been staying at work till his game & then comes home. Helping to save on gas $$ since it's almost $4.00 a gallon now UGH!

So this means preggo mommy has both the boy's from sun up to sun down! Let me tell you those boy's need their time with daddy to run around & such b/c this week has been insane! Their energy levels have been through the roof & I try to do as much as possible with them we take walks, go to the park. Go to the store and walk around I mean were pretty much going all the time Aiden also has his T-ball, gymnastics & preschool. So I am so worn out! I am tired & sore & having tons of painful braxton hicks contractions, sciatic pain, but I do my best to keep going with the boy's!

Yesterday they were little terrors! We had gymnastics from 9:30-10:30 we were half way to base so after I thought let me manage my time wisely & go get groceries after this way I didn't have to go today & waste more gas! Well backfire! Usually the boy's are so good out not yesterday! Aiden was climbing from the front to the back of cart hanging on then hes shaking the cart pulling it as I'm trying to push! Brycen was trying to climb out of the front so I figure ok I'll put him in the big part with the food! MISTAKE there went my groceries one by one as he threw them out! I was so flustered & when I get flustered I can't think! So I end up calling the wrong kid by wrong name eventually I end up saying Whatever Your Name Is! LOL!!

I was trying to be really good & really budget & use my coupons well I pretty much stuck to my budget but was hoping to spend less but I just could not think! I do believe I will go back to grocery shopping on the weekends by MYSELF!! The boy's will stay home with daddy so I can think! It can be my down time!

Today starts Aiden's spring break from preschool! Oh boy! He's already saying what are we doing today, where are we going?? Well I do have to go to Walmart not very exciting for them :( but I am thinking we will stop at the pet store so they can look at the animals they love that! May try to hit up the park it's really nice out again if I can find my darn sprinkler I may let them run around out front in that for a bit. We will see but we will be doing something b/c otherwise mommy will be losing her mind! Hope everyone has a nice Friday & great weekend :) -Candice-

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