Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Tuesday!!

Well it's Tuesday supposed to be BUM day, BUT... Aiden has a dentist appointment, he's actually excited??? Craziness although I must say his dentist is pretty awesome & so is the place, plus the kid knows he gets a surprise after his cleaning!

2 years ago Aiden had to have a tooth pulled due to a collision with him & our 70lb Boxer they were running chasing each other & collided. Boy was that a scary time! So first Aiden asked mom are they going to pull a tooth? When I told him no your just getting your teeth cleaned is when the excitement started lol!! Glad he's to the point that he truly understands things!

 Aiden  is my easy child! He truly truly is I never realized how easy he was till Brycen came along! Lol that boy well he may be the death of me! He is a trouble maker & wants everything his way!  Middle child syndrome?? Could be maybe he know all along he was going to be a middle child! Oh well!

Later after Aiden's appointment we are off to a lunch date with some fabulous ladies & then we are going to an antique shop I guess you'd say, I really need a chair or 2 for my front porch!! I would love to sit on my porch in the am & drink my coffee :) I want something different so why I'm going to look at a shop. The amazing Liz Marie from  http://www.lizmarieblog.com/  is going with me I need her expertise on furniture! She is AMAZING to say the least!! Have you seen her amazing stuff?? If not please check out her blog she rocks!!! I wish I had her talent!

So anyways that is what we have in store for us today, hopefully Brycen cooperates through all of this we shall see!! Oh & I have to do a mommy brag real quick sorry.. Aiden had his first T-ball practice yesterday he LOVED it!! He did very well too he really was focused unlike last year at soccer haha he is older but I also think he is more of a baseball fan & may be also why it hold his attention better. Well that's it for now. Have a great day :) -Candice-

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