Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cake batter rice crispy treats!!

I know it has been a week since I last blogged :( I'm sorry!! My hubby had nose surgery he had a horrible deviated septum & that was last Wednesday, so since then I have had another person to tend to making smoothies, cutting food, washing his hair &  plus I've had to pick up the slack on what he normally does!

I never realize how lucky I am until the hubs is deployed or has had surgery & is not allowed to do anything. He truly is a huge help to me! Now I need him well again!

Oh did I mention my oven stoped working grr... so normal baking has had to subside for a lil we ordered the part hopefully it will be here Monday!

So anyways Tuesday it is supposed to be Bum day right?? Well not today I had to go grocery shopping with the kids BOO! Lol They were pretty good at the first store not so much the second. Well after we got all that done Aiden & I made cake batter rice crispy treats!! Yummy! Found this on pinterest compliments of:  http://gimmesomeoven.com/cake-batter-rice-crispy-treats/

They are good! & Aiden loved that they have sprinkles in them so they are more colorful & fun :) Hope you all have a great day!!

Were having Crock pot Mac & Cheese tonight I'll post tomorrow with that!! Look forward to lots of crock pot recipes this week since that is how dinner is being made this week lol! -Candice-

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