Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What a whirlwind

I apologize for the lack of blogging, I have had a rough couple weeks I have lost 2 family members & been dealing with a sick child for a couple weeks now.

Last week I spent most of the week sleeping in the recliner with Brycen or on his floor b/c he had a terrible cough that kept waking him. When I took him to the Dr 1 1/2 weeks ago they told me it was lingering from a cold he had just gotten over, & that the cough could last awhile longer.

 Well I had his 15 months checkup Monday& we saw our normal Dr he said well Brycen has a nasty little cough doesn't he & I said yes & explained how I had been here recently, but I wanted his opinion. Dr listened & said it did not sound good he was wheezing & instantly wrote 2 scripts for inhalers for him. Brycen has to have each inhaler 3x's a day & he hates it. It is a fight but it does seem to be helping.
Well The Dr also noticed fluid in his left ear & told me to watch him the next 2 days for fever, pulling on the ear, or crankiness, which could indicate it turned into an ear infection. Sure enough Brycen was pulling his ear yesterday & running a low grade fever during the day & last night around dinner it went to 101 & I was alternating Tylenol & ibuprofen I made sure I went & checked him every 4 hours with med ready & sure enough he needed it as soon as med wore off his temp was back. At 4:30am he hit 102 I got him up striped him down gave him med, got him to eat & drink & held him he luckily is sleeping now & I am listening to his heavy breathing on the monitor. My poor baby just waiting for 8am when the Dr's opens to get him in.

I hate when kids are sick it is heart breaking, I also have felt bad b/c i have been so busy with taking care of Brycen I felt like I was neglecting Aiden, I did however take Aiden to 2 different birthday parties for his friends this weekend. Brandon had a long weekend so luckily he has played with Aiden the whole time, they have had what they call their "dudes time" they were outside all day yesterday playing baseball & jumping on the trampoline, It sure was nice to have Brandon home yest so I could focus all my attention on Brycen.

I feel bad b/c my Grandpa passed away Sunday & this is first parent my mom has lost I wish I could be back home for her, his viewing is this Thurs & Fri & the funeral is Sat. Unfortunately with a sick child & me being almost 10 weeks from due date (b/c I have had both boy's at 37 they anticipate Carsen then) there is just no way i can make it home. It pains me b/c I was very close with my Grandpa & spent a ton of time with him. My mom even told me she knows there is no possible way for me to come home but it still hurts.

One of my good friends told me maybe it's God's way of distracting me & showing me that it is impossible for me to be there with Brycen being sick, so I should not feel guilty. She may be right just wish it could be a better distraction than a sick baby :(

Well I hear Brycen stiring so duty calls just wanted to let everyone know why the lack of blogging sorry & I will try to get a recipie on here tonight if I have time -Candice-

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