Thursday, February 9, 2012

7 years & many more to come

So on February 5th my husband & I celebrated our 7 year anniversary! How time flies when your having fun! Although I must say life was not always cupcakes & rainbows!!

9 years ago I walked into a tanning bed in western NY, my friend worked there so she was going to give me a discount :) Well I went in & her manager happened to be there along with this ghetto looking thug of a guy lol some crazy white boy dressed in Echo clothing with a big silver chain around his neck! I thought to myself oh please do not let him talk to me! (I was quite a snob back then) Well he did try to talk to me & I was not having it I gave him a snotty attitude & went back to tan! When I came out they were gone the phone rings & my friend answered it was Brandon (Mr. ghetto as I called him) asking why I was such a stuck up snob! So I got on the phone & was like I don't know you & you don't know me, & left it at that!
 Well about a week later I was at my friends the one who worked at tanning bed she was coloring another friends hair. Her cell rang & she told me to answer.. I said hello & I heard a guy say Jen? I said no this is Candice he said hey it's Brandon I met you last week (oh lord here we go again)! He asked if we wanted to come hang out at his apartment well we were bored so we we went & I don't know what it was but my opinion changed of him we talked & I saw something I liked, so we hung out more started dating and blah blah lol!

A couple months of dating & well I was pretty sure I was falling in love with Brandon crazy so fast right well the one day I go to his apartment & he says's we need to talk..(oh great he's breaking up with me,well it's been fun) He says to me I joined the Marine Corps today! I laughed (ya right!) He said no I'm serious & I want to know if your willing to stay with me & try long distance, I know it will be hard. I said yes I will, well we both ended up telling each other at that point that we loved each other.

Couple months later & off to boot camp he went, I wrote him everyday to reassure him I was still there & when I got his letters my heart melted I was going to marry him I just knew it. Graduation approached & I flew to see him for the first time ever! Seeing him was amazing to have him hold me again was like he'd never left! He came back home for a couple weeks then off to Pensacola Fl. he went to school I went & visited him twice & he would come back home for the holidays we talked every night. Well one night he called and asked me to marry him, he said when I come back in a couple weeks we will go pick out rings!! Ahhh my heart melted I knew I was going to marry him. Brandon asked to talk to my dad to make sure he was ok with it & my dad agreed (my dad loved Brandon they got along great).

Because of the Marines we had 4 months to plan a wedding so we planned Feb 5th because Brandon was done with school & would be at his permanent station Cherry Pt. NC. Now Feb in NY is usually horrible weather cold lots of snow well by a miracle it was georgous sunny & warm. I had the perfect Feb wedding, & I married my best friend my soulmate!

Our first 6 months of marriage were anything but blissful in my opinion we fought alot & I was depressed from being away from my family the whole first month I moved to NC I cried every night. Poor Brandon asked If I even wanted to be with him, I did I loved him but I missed home. He was a big partier still & I always had marines at my house drinking, I had puke to clean & spilled drinks & mashed food, was not the life I envisioned! But guess what marriage is work, it's not easy & I made a vow for better or worse so I sucked it up lol.

Well after 6 months Brandon got deployed to Iraq I moved back home. It was then I realized I was a big girl I didn't need my mommy & daddy I needed my husband, I missed him terribly & it was so hard! I moved back to NC a month before he was due back to set up our new apartment I had a way better feeling this time about being alone. I could not wait to share our new home with him again oh & at this time we had a male boxer Valo & a orange kitty Nemo (we still have them they are now 7 & 10). The day came when I went to pick up my husband my heart was racing I was so excited!! I didn't know this till a little later but apparently Brandon did not see me for a few min & thouhgt I was not coming :( poor thing! But I was there when he got off that bus we ran to each other & we didn't want to let go, best feeling ever I knew that even though we would still have tough times we were meant to be I loved him so much! Things improved so much after that Brandon was not as party hardy, I found work which really helped me not be bored. We bought our first house, and about a year yr and 1/2 later we found out we'd be having a baby!! (Aiden)

So 7 years later 3 deployments behind us we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a 4yr old a 15month old & a new baby on the way! I could not be happier. I truly believe in fate & that everything happens for a reason, life is not always perfect but don't give up you have to work for things!! It's funny now b/c Brandon and I finish each others sentences or one of us will say you know what I was thinking & the other is thinking same thing, it's crazy how well we know each other. We have a great bond, we never fight, only a small argument but we both realized we both can be wrong took awhile for that lol. We have great communication & trust (those are key in marriage). So here is a couple pics of me & that crazy man I love <3
                                                         Our wedding 2-5-05
                                             Disney trip with Aiden 2010
                                                      Welcome Brycen 11-2010
                                                              Marine Corp Ball 2011

I love this man I'd be lost without him! Thank you god for bringing us together!!


  1. Aw I'm crying lol. I can't picture Brandon all ghetto! Hope you two had a great anniversary!

  2. Lol Lindsay no one could at this point I can't even believe he used to dress like that b/c he is so diffrent now. I will have to show you a pic sometime!! & Sorry for making you both cry! :) -Candice-