Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busy Busy

So the past couple of days have been crazy here at the Schurr household! We had to have a guy come out to do an estimate to replace carpet in Brycen's bedroom soon to be Carsen's nursery. We had fostered a dog awhile ago she shut herself in the room somehow & clawed the carpet up by the door trying to get out 1 reason why dogs annoy me lol!

So we got that done ordered our carpet & are waiting for it to come in so they can install it. In the meantime I had to get the room painted so that I don't have to paint & worry if I drop paint on the brand new carpet so last night I painted 2 coats of light blue paint in soon to be Carsen's room. Well I could not let Brycen sleep in a room that smelled like paint.

Luckily the boy's new beds came & yes Ik I posted before I was against bunk beds but Brandon persuaded me into them lol! Aiden's previous bed could have had a trundle put underneath but of course they discontinued it so one reason we decided on the bunk beds! The boy's LOVE them!! Aiden thinks he's soo cool getting to sleep up top & Brycen sure enjoyed being a big boy last night. I had ordered a comforter set for the lower bunk it comes in next week, I hate having to wait!  So I slept in the room with the boy's last night the bunk is a twin over a full so I had enough room to lay with Brycen.

Aiden did great I was worried about him trying to come down the ladder in the middle of the night if he had to use the bathroom but he slept through the night. Brycen woke up at one point I think around 1 or 2am & thought it was party time he was running around on the bed & jumping on me I laid him back down about 3 or 4 times & told him no it's nite nite & finally he snuggled with his blanket & fell back asleep. Today however I had him nap & go to bed in his own room. I don't plan to move him into Aiden's room permanently until it's closer till Carsen comes.

I also cleaned out & reorganized Brycen's closet & tomorrow is a complete re-do of Aiden's I need to make room for Brycen's clothes & toys to fit in there I have the idea in my head so I'm hoping it pans out tomorrow I will show pics of that tomorrow :) Here are a couple pics of the bed & paint -Candice-

                                                          Crazy boy's
                                                             Aiden is one happy kid!
                                                   Carsen's new color this is only one coat

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