Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Boy's Closet Redo

So yesterday while Aiden was at preschool I redid his & Brycen's closet. Since they will soon be sharing a room  I needed to be able to fit both kids toy's & clothes organized in the room. We used to have a 3 tier of shelves in Aiden's room & a small wire shelf for toy's.

The hubby & I were browsing Target last week & we came across a white book shelf he said to me he thought it would be great for the closet well he was right!! We took down the 3 tier shelf & went back to the original 1 shelf across the top to hang clothes from.

Then I stacked the bookcase with bins of their toys & I had a plastic 3 drawer organizer that was in Brycen's room that is now containing his pants, diapers & books & puzzles. Luckily their new beds came with the option to buy a 3drawer under storage so we did, that is where we have pj's socks & underwear.

I am feeling so good about the new organization & now I have more room in Carsen's closet so that his floor will not be covered in toy's I really do not like clutter so I am pleased with how things have turned out. I guess I have hit my nesting phase lol! Here is a pic of what the boy's closet looks like now! -Candice-

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