Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone :)
  We kind of celebrated last night I get too excited to give the kids their stuff & didn't want to wait till Brandon came home this evening. So last night we went & got take out from Carolina grill & gave the boy's their gifts!

 Aiden got 2 tag books & a spelling puzzle to go with his tag reader, I love educational stuff & helps to prepare for kindergarten.

Brycen got a remote control car for 18 months up so he will leave Aiden's cars alone & I don't have to hear a fight lol. & they both got a couple sweet treats.

Aiden had snack at preschool yesterday so we made mini red velvet cupcakes & homemade icing & colored it pink & had valentine sprinkles festive for Valentine's day right? He also had his Awana class Sunday night so we made sugar cookies on a stick. Aiden loves to help me bake it's something we enjoy together & well of course his favorite part is getting to lick the spoon lol.

Today I had planned to take the boy's to lunch at their favorite place Cow Cafe but the floor people called me & they are coming to install the new carpet for Carsen's room. Luckily I never told the boy's we were going to go to lunch. I never tell them things unless I am dead set we are doing it I don't want to ever disapoint them. That was one thing my mom & dad were great about too, if they told us we were doing something we did it! So Brandon & I both decided we would do the same with our kids If we tell them we are doing something well were doing it :)  So I plan to take them Friday Aiden gets out of preschool a 1/2 hour early so it will be something fun to do after. Well I hope you all have a great day with your loved one's. -Candice-

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