Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cake/Bake Pops

So since I have a few mins while my boy's are eating their lunch I decided to post what Aiden & I worked on earlier we made Cake/Bake pops :)
 Sorry it's been a few day's since I posted I have been so busy dr apt monday ( I will post about that later :) & preschool running all around town!

 So I'd seen that commercial the Bake pop pan one I wanted one well I was at CVS today & they had them so I bought one. Aiden was super excited we bought diff kinds of cake mixes & 1 thing of frosting

Ik normally they are made with melted chocolate but I wanted to try frosting well i'm sure melted chocolate is less messy because the frosting was quite messy lol but Aiden insisted on the frosting that had the rainbow chips in it & we also had to get sprinkles lol.

Were heading back out to the store shortly so we will get chocolate to melt & see how that goes! But making the cake pops is so SUPER easy the directions they give are great minus one thing which I will show you how I solved in picture :) -Candice-

Ok so when they came out of oven & cooled u can see a ring around them they look like Saturn lol

 So I took my cheese grater the side with those little bumpy holes & I shaved the ring off it worked great
 Then frosted & put sprinkles on Aiden was pretty happy :) & no funky ring lol

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