Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well today has been a fun & interesting day! We started off with some painting Aiden loves to paint & since Brycen is to young to paint I made him a sensory box (a friend of mine filled me in on them) They are really neat we filled it with colored noodles, pom poms, feathers different colored tissue paper & some measuring cups for him to play around in he loved to touch the different textures to his face :) & throw everything around oh well. So Brycen was busy with that & while Aiden was painting I had hot glued popsicle sticks to make a house for Aiden to paint so we could make a spooky house for Halloween. We had a great morning followed by a nice lunch I cut out sandwiches in the shape of Frankensteins head (I have Halloween cookie cutters) Aiden loved this he always eats better when I make his food fun! (Hey whatever works). Both boys ate all their sandwich & a whole apple little pigs lol. So then came nap time, rest time for Aiden he usually just plays quietly in his room! After they were just playing around the house Aiden decided to get out a balloon & was not paying attention knocked over Brycen who hit his head off the hardwood floor & then Aiden falls on him! Ahhhh!!! So I quickly pick Brycen up get him settled & Aiden now feels awful & is saying I'm sorry mommy! I was not mad it was an accident, I explain this is just not a good inside game or at least if Brycen is awake. So bye bye balloon. Oh and I forgot to mention Aiden disappears into the bathroom well I assume he's going to the bathroom he's 4 he goes on his own well nope he was into daddy's cologne & oh boy did he come out smelling like a skunk! I had to open windows & turn on the fan to help with the stink lol needless to say I ended up with quite a headache. Oh well what ya going to do. I tell you there is never a dull moment around this house :) Have a great Thursday!!

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