Sunday, October 16, 2011

 Yesterday was a fun, exciting, long, tiring day. Candice and I took the kids to the farm yesterday. That was a lot of fun. There were tons of animals there for the kids to feed and pet. Riley and Aiden both got to ride on a pony. That was very exciting, and the boys loved it.
 Riley feeding the baby cow. Both boys were amazed by this! :)
Best buds on the hay ride! :)
 We took a hay ride back into the woods were some beefing cows were. Yes the farmer actually stopped and said these are your beefing cows specifically raised in North Carolina for fresh beef. I about died. But, surely didn't change my thoughts about eating meat. I am a meat kinda gal. Theirs just nothing better to me then a nice juicy steak.
 The boys holding the kittens.
 Dailee Rae was able to hop up on the horse and let Riley hold her for a photo! 
 Dailee Rae and her "boyfriend" Brycen. Candice and I would love to be inlaws one day! :)

Well, anyways were heading to church this morning. I am coming home to prepare dinner for my family. My parents, sister & her boyfriends, and my cousin will be joining us to eat. My husband has duty. Go figure. Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, & enjoy your Sunday! :) 

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