Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I sure did & A busy one at that, Saturday started the day off at the farm with Karmen & all the kids we had a blast, and there was a black fuzzy baby kitty eeep! (he reminded me of my sweet Bentley) I so wanted to bring him home but I was strong & did not! Had to laugh they had a hay maze now I ask you in a maze you find your way through correct? Oh not Aiden & Riley they decided to climb the thing to get out! (Boy's I tell ya never a dull moment!) Well after the farm came home & changed left the boy's with daddy & I headed to a baby shower thrown by the amazing Liz Galvan she has a blog she is AMAZING with decorating & diy projects (seriously wish I was rich, I'd hire her to re-do my whole house!) The baby shower was so fun, we got to make our own headbands for the baby girl who is due to arrive in dec! I ate way too much food! Then after that I had a Scentsy party, at my friends house. (Did I mention I sell Scentsy?) Um it's amazing seriously all my friends have become addicted. If your ever interested in checking it out I have a website:  :)  Again I ate way too much I now am addicted to this toffee dip that is pure heaven & you dip apple slices in it apparently it is on ya I will def. be looking that up! So saturday was an all around amazing day. Today we started the day off at Church, then off to the wonderful world of Wally (Walmart) as I call it! Had to get a few things, got home & my little man was tired & went down for a nap so I took advantage & told the hubby I was taking one so nice I needed it after Saturday. My hubby was so sweet even when little B was up he tended to him so I could still lay in bed I love that man! We had a great weekend hope you all did as well tomorrow it's back to the grind (my husbands fav saying). Take Adien to preschool, cleaning & putting away the 4 loads of clean laundry that are piled in my closet lol :)

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