Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A little bit of this, A little bit of that.

I haven't wrote in quite some time.
I haven't slowed down in a few weeks truthfully.
Finally I think things are starting to get semi back to a routine.
We've had a birthday party to go to every weekend just about in the past month.

So, I have tried several new recipes.
I am very pleased. The potato soup was delicious, along with the unstuffed peppers.
We had chili last night, and that was delicious.

We are going to trunk or treat at the church we have been attending for the past few months. Pretty excited to see all the work the members are putting together to decorate there trunks.

My husband is in a football pool at work. He won this weeks pool. Rather excited we are. Extra Christmas money!

Ahh, Christmas. Im so up in the air on what I am planning to get my children. Riley will be getting a laptop from his Nanna, and Papa. We are going to go shopping in the next few weeks and get out kids Christmas done. We have already got him a kinetic for the xbox, and got Dailee, not sure of the name but the huge boxes with all the different parts on it you see in doctors offices. Its going to be pretty excited for Ron and I get to go together. I cant remember the last time we've been able to go together. I am always the one shopping for Christmas, Birthdays and whatever else we need gifts for. Hes pretty excited about going too.

Dailee then has a birthday two days after Christmas. We are going to do a Minnie Mouse party for her. Black, Hot pink, and White. I'm excited for this. We're going to have it at our house. Never actually had a birthday party at our house so we will see how this turns out. We've always rented places for Riley to have his parties. Now that we have a bigger house and a huge yard, were going to give our house a go.

I think I am going to cook Thanksgiving at our house this year too. Rons schedule at work is always so crazy and he hardly ever gets to go where ever we have it at so I figured why not have it at home, it will prevent having to run everywhere and drag the kids. But, not sure. We will see.

So thats basically the extent of things going on in our life at home lately. Planning for the Holidays.

So long for now.

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