Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Well It's now Wed & I have not updated since Sunday ooops! Sorry It's been busy & I have felt kind of yucky past few days! So sorry for the delay! Did you know there are only 67 days till Christmas ahhhh! This scares me I have so much to get & I am at a loss for my boy's this year. We did do something cool though the Church we have been going to, also where Aiden goes to preschool had made up these decorated shoe boxes & people could take them & fill them for children who are not so fortunate. Aiden had seen the boxes & asked what they were for I explained to him & asked would you like to fill one for a little boy & he said yes what a proud momma I was. Well we came home & he started to fill the box with some of his toys & some clothes (he is the sweetest boy) I laughed I explained to him that we were going to go shopping for the boy & he could help me pick stuff out. He was excited so we will be doing that this week. I think it is important to teach kids that Christmas is  about giving not just receiving because not everyone is so lucky. I also need to start browsing around for ideas for my two monsters lol. Oh here is a funny story for you so last night at dinner Brycen (11 months) just all of a sudden started throwing fists full of his dinner at my husband & laughing hysterically, my husband, Aiden & I were all laughing Brycen was so funny & cute I tried to tell him no fighting not to laugh (ya that didn't work) & he just laughed even harder & then threw his food at me. Oh Brycen is a little stinker I think he is going to be my little trouble maker. Hopefully it was a one time event I don't want him to think throwing food is allowed but it was funny at the time.  I told my husband to video tape it on my camera well he thought he did. Don't know what he did but when I went to go look at it he had like a 2 second clip of my back lol oh well at least I have the memory :) Hope everyone is having a good week so far!! Have any of you finished you Christmas shopping? -C-

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