Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! We sure did my boy's were dressed as a zombie jail burg & a chubby puppy lol!! Now that Halloween has passed it's time to gear up for my favorite holiday Thanksgiving :) I love Thanksgiving not only b/c I love to eat lol but I love it for the meaning behind it. Everyone gets together family or friends & you all share an amazing meal & give thanks for the things in you life! Granted Christmas is great as well but there is no pressure of buying a million gifts. Thanksgiving is truly about people in your life that you care about coming together. Every year since I married my husband I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner with the exception of last year Brycen had to go back to the hospital for light therapy for sever jaundice it was a sad horrible day seeing my poor baby laying in this little bed with all this stuff attached to him & his eyes were covered he was so scared b/c he couldn't see me & I could not hold him much b/c he had to stay under the lights so I would hold his little hand and talk to him to let him know it was ok & mommy was there (I'm starting to cry writing this). This year I am so very thankful that my little man is almost 1 & is super healthy he is an amazing little boy who sure can bring a smile to my face! I am so excited that he will be able to eat mommies Thanksgiving dinner with us :) We will have some good friends of our who are also neighbors coming to our house over the years we had developed our little tradition I make the turkey mashed potatoes & another side & my friend makes all the other yummy sides. We are quite the team together I am so glad to have our little tradition back & we have started our planning. We are two military families & since neither of us go home for thanksgiving it's our own little families tradition & I love it. I am so counting the days 19 to be exact! Hope you all are excited for your Thanksgiving plans :) -C-

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