Saturday, November 19, 2011

I can't believe my baby is 1

Today one year ago I gave birth to my second little miracle Brycen Chase :) I love this little guy he has stole my heart all over again! I was so excited & worried at the same time to have a second I was worried could I love another child as much as I love my first?? But the second I pushed that little 7lb 7oz boy out & held him in my arms I knew the answer, it was yes!!! My heart grew & allowed me to love him just as much as his older brother! Amazing!! My new little guy was perfect! I was so amazed that I only had to stay one day in the hospital with him I was ready to get home & have all my family together.
     The next day when we went to the Dr's was a really sad day :( They said Brycen had sever jaundice so we had to get him a Billi-blanket I barely got to hold him b/c he had to lay on this thing constantly to break up his high bilirubin. So a couple days of this & back to get blood work & back to the Dr. I was sure it was all going to be ok I kept him on that thing constantly just wanted him to be 100% Then the Dr. came in & gave me horrible news Brycens levels had went up! What?? How??? I broke into tears I did exactly what I was supposed to! The Dr said it's ok I know your scared these things happen sometimes so... my poor 4 day old baby had to be admitted back into the hospital for intense light therapy. It was pitiful & scary and all I could do was cry! They had him in a little bed with lights sounding him & his eyes covered to protect them from the UV lights. He cried b/c he was sacred I cried b/c my baby was terrified & it was awful to see him like that.
   I prayed & prayed & asked for prayers, even had a priest scheduled to come in and visit I was so worried Brycen's levels were 3pts from where it could potentially cause brain damage I was beside myself,  this was the scariest time ever in my life! I was so lucky that he had amazing nurses who even got an extra light & they were cooking the bilirubin out of him they were determined to get my little guy home! He had another test done & his pts. dropped by 1! Progress!! Thank you god we are going in the right direction!!!
     I stayed the night I held his little hand I couldn't sleep I was so scared for my innocent little baby laying there. Morning comes my hubby & Aiden (my oldest) came & brought breakfast we sat & talked we were both so scared they came & took his blood & we waited, it seemed like forever to get these results pleas god I begged let his levels have gone down more (usually once they start going down the continue but you never know) A miracle his points had dropped more.Complete relief had come over me my baby was going to be ok! They told us that they would let us take him home in just a couple hours really?? Really?? Yay my baby was coming home!!!

   Oh & he came home on Thanksgiving Day!! Boy did I have alot to be thankful for!! I do believe this is another strong reason Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday :) Well this is the story of my little man & the obstacle we over came here is a pic to show how things have changed in a year & I am so happy Brycen is who he is today!! I love you Brycen Chase!!! Happy 1st Birthday Little Man :)

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  1. that's daughter birthday is today tooo...