Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giveaway 14

Day 14 of our Giveaway

Snow Princess MaryJanes
Baby girl shoes in winter white wool with baby soft white felt lining and hand trimmed in white embroidery floss. A very pretty bright red poinsettia sit's on each toe with tiny red center beads. Are you ready for Christmas dress up?

Gingerbread ladies:
Tiny little gingerbread ladies sit on the toes of these cute MaryJane baby shoes. Rich bright red wool for the outside with light cookie dough brown felt lining. I hand trimmed the top edge with soft goldish brown embroidery floss. Embellishments are a large scallop red circle, cookiue dough brown circle, another red die cut flower and finally topped with a cute little gingerbread lady.

Winner gets to pick.

Look at these amazing shoes by Kate add her to your favorite:

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Aren't they adorable. I am in love with the Pistachio Ice Cream, Baby Girl Shoes, Cotton Candy, MaryJanes.
This Giveaway ends Dec 4

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Giveaway Ends promptly 1 week after each blog post is posted. -So from the date of the blog that is posted 1 week time the blog will be closed- 
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The end of the giveway will be December 9th!
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Candice & Karmen


  1. I'm a follower of course. My email is and my favorite item is Peacock Blue, Baby Girl Shoes, Shocking Pink, MaryJanes

  2. I am a follower of this blog and my email is lcole {at}ec{dot}rr{dot}com. My favorite item from her shop is the Pomegranite, Baby Charcoal Grey MaryJanes

  3. I am a member of Just2Moms on facebook

  4. I added KathyDee Baby Shoes to my Etsy favorites

  5. I posted about this giveaway on my facebook page

  6. I love all of the shoes. I really like the Beach Sand Baby Girl Shoes Loden Green Ladybug, MaryJanes. I am a follower of this blog and my email is

  7. I also shared her Etsy page on Facebook!

  8. I love the Orange Serbert shoes and the polkadot Party shoes..They are just too cute!! I also shared Etsy on Fb!! :)

  9. My favorite item are the polkadot red and white mary janes. So cute! I am a follower of the blog. My email is

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  12. oh my word! I shared the etsy on fb. I LOVE THESE SHOESSSSS :) I am a follower of the blog my email is