Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let's Catch Up!

So it's been over a week since my last post sorry! It has been a crazy week with Aiden on Spring Break!  I have to keep that boy busy b/c busy is what he likes to be. We went to one of Brandon's softball games last Tuesday & Brycen played in the mud he was covered but he had a blast, he however rode home in his diaper lol!

We went to the park a couple of times last week & got lunch one day, we dyed Easter Eggs & made sugar cookies & decorated for Easter. We spent lot's of time outside playing in the yard Aiden riding his bike & Brycen trying to ride a skateboard it was pretty funny! We took the boy's to an Easter Egg hunt held by his preschool's church, the boy's had so much fun & the both did really good!!

The hubby & I made Easter dinner together & had a couple friends over to eat with us it was so nice we basically made Thanksgiving all over! But I love eating like that so it was perfect!! I love that I have a husband who enjoys cooking & that we can tag team & do it together!!

We had a great Easter for the most part but we did have some meltdowns from the boy's. (too much excitment & maybe sugar overload) Yes they got way more candy than they truly needed, but I think the Easter Bunny was being smart, I mean the boy's have a pregnant mom so if the Easter Bunny didn't get alot of candy the boy's would have ended up with none b/c mom prob would have ate it all. That Easter Bunny is smart I tell you!

Here are some pics of our past week to catch you up on our life :) -Candice-

Playing in the mud at softball true Boy!
 Our Easter eggs we made :)
 Our Easter cookies we decorated
At our favoriate park after our lunch date :)
 Helping Brycen at the Egg hunt
Aiden on the move!

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