Monday, April 23, 2012

Call me a slacker!

I have been slacking at my blog posting :( I'm sorry! Things have just seemed to get pretty Crazy around here lately! Aiden has T-ball on Monday the hubs has Softball on Tuesday & Thursday. Aiden has Gymnastics on Thursday School M,W,F & his Awana on Sunday evening! Yep that's my life lately go go go!! & it is taking it's toll on me!! I am one tired momma!! I am ready for the end of May for all of it to end!

 I had a Dr apt last week I was 34 weeks & had dilated to 1 1/2 cm YAY!! I have been having quite a few contractions on & off & just feeling run down! Yet I have the urge to purge! Lol I have been cleaning organizing making trips to good will I just need to get things in order!

 I feel like I have procrastinated with having things ready this pregnancy we just started hanging things up in Carsen's room finally did one load of laundry for him & put it away I have to still have the hubs bring more of the baby clothes down to wash! Pack my bag, ugh it never ends!

We officially moved Brycen into Aiden's room he has been sleeping through the night & napping on his bunk he's doing great :) One less thing to stress over now we need to convert the crib back lol!! But were getting there slowly!!

I go back to the Dr May 2 I will be 36 weeks & am hoping to have progressed more so that Carsen will be here at 37 weeks just like his big brothers! I am just dragging & Have no energy to run & chase Brycen :( So fingers crossed!!! I am hoping to go May 9th or that weekend maybe Mother's Day?? How cool would that be??

Today Aiden & I made Chocolate chip banana muffins & we added some coconut we love coconut in this house :) I'll post the recipe later or tomorrow!! & I will really try to be like my old self & post everyday or at least every other. -Candice-

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