Thursday, May 17, 2012

Carsen's Birth Story :)

So I know it has been quite awhile since I have been on here! I have been busy with my kiddos preparing for Mr. Carsen

Finally on May 13th (Mother's Day) may I add my little surprise was born at 8:54 am!! I was so ready to not be pregnant!!

Crasen is my 3rd & final baby he was a complete surprise. Especially b/c my middle is just turning 18months! I was on birth control & breast feeding Brycen when Carsen was conceived! I will admit I was scared, not exactly excited and worried when I found out I was pregnant with him! I didn't know if I wanted a 3rd baby & defiantly never wanted my kids so close in age! But someone had a different plan for me & my family. I came to accept that.

Now that my little surprise is here I already can't imagine life without him he is only 4 days old but I am so in love with him, he is so sweet & so little the littlest of my 3 weighing in at 6lbs & 4oz! He is truly my littlest man :) & he has stole my heart all over again!

At 2am Sunday I started having some strong contractions I got out of bed & started walking around they were not stopping so I started to get stuff ready for my kids. Our great friends Liz & Jose had offered to watch Aiden & Brycen when I went into labor. So I started a list of what the boys would need where things were & got a pot of coffee ready for them.

At 3am I got in the shower contractions were still strong & nothing seemed to be helping I knew it was baby day! They were coming about every 5 minutes so at 4am I told my husband you might want to get in the shower! Before I could finish that sentence he literally flew across the bed & ran into the shower it was 1 min of comedic relief from my pain!

At 4:30 am I called Liz & Jose & they were excited & got ready & got here so we could leave I didn't even get to say bye to my boy's since they were asleep :( but I couldn't sneak in i was in some pain!

We got to the hospital at 5 & got checked in & up to the labor & delivery floor at 5:30 I was checked & got disturbing news the nurse said I was still at 3cm but more thinned out! THERE WAS NO WAY! She was wrong my contractions hurt & I knew i was in labor! Now I'm not trying to sound mean but she was an older lady like late 60's & when she checked me it didn't hurt I don't believe she was able to check me right. I KNOW MY BODY!!

7:30am I was really in pain clenching the side of the bed some obscenities were coming out my mouth I was in pain & uncomfortable! I was moaning & groaning & trying to breathe through my pain it was BAD! Que the nurse (a new one) Jessica so nice!! She was around my age maybe a little younger well that girl knew what she was doing & when she checked me she said OH YA! It's baby day you are at 6cm. Thank you god!! I yelled!! I told her she had given me the greatest news! Off she went to set up my labor room!! She came back got me I walked to the new room felt like forever b/c I had to stop b/c of my contractions! I had not had any type of medicine for pain or any other type. She asked do u want an epidural I said YES YES please! Originally my plan was to go without but I was in too much pain I wanted relief!

Well they took my blood to see if I could even get an epidural had to wait on the results it felt like forever I had my face buried in the side of the bed & my eyes closed I was breathing & moaning through my contractions & telling Brandon (my husband to SHUT UP) I wanted quiet & I wanted it dark! In comes Jessica (my nurse) & she says ok you can get an epidural we paged the anisetoligist so were just waiting on him! Well with in a minute of that news LITERALLY!! I felt warm & wet (did I pee myself?) I reached my hand down brought it up & it was covered in blood ahhh... I said to Brandon I think my water broke! (Mine had never broke on it's own so I had no clue) Brandon looked & said um yep there is a puddle he calls the nurse! In comes Jessica & she checks me ya your at 9cm now! NO EPIDURAL for this momma it was too late! So within about another minute I feel lots of pressure! I said to Jessica well I either have to push or I have to poop! She came over & said oh no you go to push! She ran to the door to tell someone to get the Dr.

I heard them say she's delivering & Jessica said well tell her to hurry!! Jessica looked a little nervous & said ok well were gonna push & if he comes before the Dr then he does. OH LORD! Well I had to push so I did! In runs the Dr throws on her stuff & she tells me to push again I said I can't I'm just to tired! I was exhausted! She said to me honey your half way done & you have no choice you got this now push! & I did & next thing I felt was relief he was out!! I threw my head back on the pillow it's over I'm so tired! Then they put Carsen on my chest my baby my tiny little baby was here he had a good strong cry! As soon as I moved my gown & layed him skin to skin he stoped he knew who I was! I was so filled with love!

I also was filled with Joy & empowerment holy crap I did it with no medicine of any kind I felt amazing!! I had a amazing recovery as well I was up able to walk very shortly after having Carsen. They even let me walk to my post partum room. My bleeding was not bad & I have only had to take 2 ibuprofen for the after contractions. I've been to stores, apts, Aiden's gymnastics class I feel amazing! Brandon was really proud of me as well for how well I did even though he had some nail marks in his arms & thought I was going to break his fingers lol!! He was an amazing coach rubbing my back talking to me! Don't know what I'd do without him!! I love that man! & he has given me the 3 greatest gifts of my life my 3 boys!!!

Aiden & Brycen love their little brother Aiden wants to hold him all the time! Brycen wants to touch him but we have to be careful b/c Brycen does not know his own strength but I must admit this was way easier than I thought! Hopefully it stays that way!! -Candice-

Carsen 6lbs 4oz
 Daddy & biggest brother
 Me & Carsen before bed the night he was born :)
 All 3 of my boy's snoozing in the car <3


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